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  1. Thanks Christian. We did exactly that and it has worked. The problem stemmed from a set up of the space tool and area style which had a wrong setting, When this was corrected in one shared file, it meant that all current other shared files could not read the space tool results. Getting rid of these and dooing a save as of the corrected file has solved the problem. One other thing to note that if you edit the space tool set up, it wipes a lot of the data from the worksheet. Moral of this story is that make sure the style is set up correctly when you start project sharing. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  2. Vectorworks Architect on PC. File with project sharing when using the space tool to create a schedule of accommodation, only the user who created it can open the file and see the schedule of accommodation. Any other user in the group does not get the worksheets nor can view the schedule of accommodation either on the layer or in the viewport. Screenshots attached. Any ideas how we can resolve this? Colin Smart VW project sharing issue.docx
  3. We have a large 3D file which opens fine in VW 2019 SP1 but when we open opn a computer with SP2, fails to open. Luckily we kept one PC with SP1 otherwise we would be in trouble. File is attached - any ideas of how to fix? We cannot roll back the rest of the office to SP117053 Master Site Plan.vwx17053 Master Site Plan.vwx
  4. We are having the same problem - worked fine in 2016 but in 2017, the administrator is not able to check out layers and not able to save changes - then perhaps the next time we go in, all is well - seems to be very unstable and unreliable. Seems to think that other users are using the file when going to save and commit, but the file is not actually in use. Seems to be when you hit the commit or save button mostly that things go wrong.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to make both leafs of a double door with unequal leafs glazed? the larger leaf can be glazed using properties but there is not an option to select the second leaf to make it glazed and it stays solid so that in elevation you have a glazed leaf and solid leaf where we need both to be glazed. Vectorworks 2016 SP4, Windows 7 Professional Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40HGz 16Gb memory 64 bit operating system
  6. I have a building with walls, slabs and roofs and all boxes are ticked to include elements in energos, but cannot find the energos tab to set it up. How is energos set up?
  7. This is anightmare when doing construction plans and is DANGEROUS for Architects - walls do move by themselves when you have zoomed in close and this could be missed and dr4awings issued to site. When are Nemetschek going to sort this serious bug?
  8. When I open an older version files (12.5 or 2009) in 2010, if the file is large, it takes a while to convert then cannot have access to any of the menues or keyboard shortcuts. The mouse can use the basic toolbar andf fit to window buttons but no menues or tools are available. neither does it show other drawings opened previously. Tried converting same files from 12.5 to 2009 which works fine, but when saved to 2009 then opened in 2010 the same thing happens. Help... Colin Smart vectorworks 2010 Windows XP pro service pack 3 PC core 2 Quad PCU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 3.25 GB odf RAM (4GB)
  9. problem solved by a video card driver update - thanks for responding
  10. I have tried to install 2010 Architect on a PC, Windows XP Pro service pack 3, 2G ram, Pentium 4 3.9GHz. It has taken a while to install but all seemed fine - however when we open the programme, the first screen appears but before all details are showing, it closes down without any warning. There is also a 12.5 version of VW on the computer, as with all 12 others in the office but this is the only one we are having trouble with. Anybody any ideas? Colin Smart
  11. After upgrading to service pack 3 I have problems printing to HP Designjet T1100 - was perfect in service pack 2 but now takes ages and uses up memory. Any ideas? Windows XP Intel Quad CPU 2.4GHz with 3Gb memory
  12. Katie The printer is shared on a server, using Windows server 2000 - driver is v6.03.00 We have now updated to v6.06 driver and also set up a printer which is not shared on the network - neither work and the "bald patches" in the hatches are still there, and even some hatches omitted from polygons entirely. I have also checked back onthe print which looked to be OK when printed in non sketch mode and on closer inspection noted that whole polygon hatches are omitted, though they have no bald patches. Our IT man has been looking into it and talking with HP, who say that as it was working in V12, it is a problem at Nemetschek. Help - we have some major Planning applications to submit this week and need to have prints which look professional. Colin Colin
  13. Katie We have tried that and it still does not work. Printing at screen resolution also results in inferior print quality ie. too obvious dots. I have tried switching sketch off and choosing "colour matching managed by application" and it appears to work, but not in skecth mode. Colin
  14. We are having trouble printing hatches on a HP500PS, VW Architect 12.5. When we print, there are blank panels in the hatches, making the print unusable. When we revert back to VW 12 Architect, the print turns out fine. The blank panels appear randomly, and we have tried deleting the polygon and making new polygon with new hatch, but the same happens. We have also tried shutting down, restarting, checking all the boxes as suggested in another thread for OS, but nothing works apart from reverting to VW 12. Anybody any ideas, or is this another bug. Windows XP service pack 2, all recent updates, Pentium P4, 3.8HGz, 2Gb Ram
  15. Is anyone having the problems we are having with saved views becoming corrupt in that they come in half sketch when previously they were all sketch and then you are not able to edit or delete the saved views. this is a major problem for us as we cannot then batch print or batch export to PDF. Windows XP user - VW Architect
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