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  1. in C4d when i go to preferences/ import/export / import vectorworks - the field is balnk, there are no options for scale. whats up with that?
  2. It would be a dream come true if there were a good way to import file from Adobe illustrator into vecotrworks. I am on an alomst daily basis needing to import client logos into vectorworks and then having to extrude them. The only way i have been successful in doing that requires me to import the illustrator files into either Cinema 4d or Formz and them export them as DXFs and then import them into vectorworks. This is time consuming and requires a lot of trial and error work to get it right. The resulting logo product ends up being a large file chock full of polygons without much editablity.
  3. Katie, I'm sorry but your reply comes off as very curt and sounds like a corporate brush off. This may not be your intention but it is how it is perceived by me and my coworkers. I had personally persuaded my company to upgrade to v11 based on all of the well advertised and touted upgrades and improvements to the software. However the new advertising package fails to mention that it contains a major bug that creates unacceptable hidden line drawings. This may not be a big problem for some users, but for us it is the main tool we use in our presentations to clients. We now have the upgrade and nemetscheck has our money but the softare is not a usable product for us. So i didn't think my asking when the upgrade would be available was way out of line. I think that as a paying customer we sre entitled to a fully functioning product, or at least some sort of gesture in good faith. To say, "hey we're really sorry. We know it is an inconvienance and our tech staff is working hard to get the problem solved. If all goes well we should have the software revision out before the end of this quarter" or something to that effect. Instead of polite assurances i got a terse reply that looks like it was cut and pasted out of the Nemetschek handbook. That is not good a good business practice in my opinion. Best regards, Jason McCombs
  4. we recently upgraded to v11 and there is a serious flaw in the resolving of faces when doing a hidden line drawing. i have spoke with a tech support woman and she said it is a known bug and will be fixed in the updater. Since this bug pretty much makes the software useless for us i am wondering when the patch will be coming out? if it is ready i am more than happy to beta test it.
  5. Dave, my machine came with 10.3 installed on it, i now have 10.3.1 due to an apple security update.the file that i am speaking about is 76.3 megs so i dont think you want me to email that to you.
  6. I just got my shiny new 2 ghz dual processor G5 and found out i had to use a VW beta software just to be able to work on it at all using VW. I have to say im sadly disapointed in Nemetscheks lack of stable G5 support not to mention the fact that vectorworks does not utilize dual processors. Come on guys dual procesors are not a new thing. I had a rush job come across my desk last night and we made the decision to do a Renderworks Fly-thru animation. I thought great this will be a breeze with my nifty new machine. that turned out not to be the case at 3am this morning, when the animation dialouge box told me that in order to finish the rendering i would need approximately 14hours of rendering time to do a 1 minute and 40sec fly thru. As a lark we decided to put the same file on my old computer that i still had next to my desk. It is about 5 years old and just recently had a 1ghz g4 upgrade card installed in it. so i ran a copy of the exact same file on it and it only took 7.5 hours. What the Heck!! am i missing something here? i called the VW tech supprt line hoping to get some answers, was i doing something wrong ? no tehy did not have any answers and were of no real help to me at all. The best tech advice i got from him was that he told me he thought he had read in some magazine about a test someone did where singel processor computers were faster than dual processors. that was it. does anyone else have similar problems? any one got any advice or solutions?


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