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  1. Steps to reproduce: Draw a spiral staircase in VW2020 in OpenGL, make it a bit more complex (flr flr length: 9000, angle: 3*360) just to make it slow enough for your computer , reset the object by changing it slightly, It dissapears for a second and then it re-appears. First screenshot is before and after reset,--------------------------------------- this second screenshot is during the reset. In VW2015 I didn't had this problem. This particular situation is not a big deal for us, it is just an example to explain the glitch with. The issue is that we have custom plug-ins that trigger subtile refreshes on each other, It was never visible for the end user, but now in Vectorworks VW2020 it is and it makes the program look glitchy. We would like that the drawing only refreshes after the reset and not inbetween the reset just as it was in VW2015. Is there any way to stop this flickering during reset? (Is this flickering rather a bug or a feature?)
  2. This problem occurs with all of plug-ins, Vectorworks plug-ins as well as custom plugins. Our custom objects trigger sometimes eachothers reset, and there it gets quite ugly. I Just tried refreshing a tall spiral staircase (with enough complexity to slow the program down), On refresh in opengl the object dissapears and reappears in exactly the same fashion as our plug-in objects. In VW2015 I doesn't behave that way, that's problably the easiest way to describe this bug in a way that you can reproduce yourself. So Apparently this is not a SDK problem, sorry, wrong subforum.
  3. Hello, when I reset one of our plug -in objects in Vectorworks, it flickers (it hides and reappears shortly after). For the best UX, I prefer that the user only sees the result after the recalculate, but right now seems to render opengl frames during the reset, wich looks like flickering to the user, it makes the program looks glitchy. In VW2015 we didn't had this problem. Is there a setting somewhere, where we can control this?
  4. I would like to to see the debug assert messages on runtime, just like in VW2015, but that seems to be more complicated to achieve.
  5. Hello Vectorworks Users, I'm curious about what this folder called: "ChromiumEF" is doing in my workspace. Where does it come from? Is there an integrated web browser in Vectorworks? how can I take advantage of this? I'm looking forward to your answer!
  6. @JBenghiat Awesome! that was just what I needed, I don't even have to draw a plane or extrusion. I've put the 'delta' param of Create Contour curves to something insanely big, otherwise it will crash on conversion.
  7. @PeterYip Very cool video, but I still need to find a way to do "Extract" through the SDK. Also, I still need to convert it afterwards from a nurbs to a 2DPolygon.
  8. A simple example: how can I turn this in an 2D oval shape that corresponds with the intersection, just by using code?
  9. Hello, Is there a way to open a whole .vwx file through the sdk so that I can automate the testing of Vectorworks files? I'm currently using VW2015 and we want to automate our testing before migrating to a newer version of Vectorworks. If this isn't possible, the best course for me is to put my test cases in symbol definitions that I could automatically extract into a template file. I'm looking forward to your suggestions....
  10. Thank you for you reply, Does this mean that the workaround on http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/SDK:Debugging_SDK_Plugins will eventually work? If not, I don't see the point of this tutorial. I just want to be able to use breakpoints and watches, nothing fancy like "Edit and Continue" which i've never used with Vectorworks before. Right now, I managed to make a copy from the "release" config work as "debug", but i am still not able to connect with the debugger.
  11. Hello everybody, I am planning to migrate my plugins to Vectorworks 2021 However, when I try to run on debug, the loading screen of Vectorworks halts on the SDK code somewhere down in the destructor of the TXString. (this happens with my own code, just as with the sample project). I can see this is due to the _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL, I think it tries to warn me about something, but I don't see how this connects with my code...because I don't see any in my stacktrace. Iterating over the code with a breakpoint didn't helped me either... It crashed after exiting ModuleMain... When I build with Release: most of the things works, but in order to fix the things that are broken, I need the debugger. I am looking forward to your answers!
  12. void SetRotationMat(VWTransformMatrix& matrix, VWPoint3D& normal) { double phi = atan(normal.y / normal.x) * kDegreesPerRadian; double theta = acos(normal.z / 1) * kDegreesPerRadian); matrix.RotateZBefore(phi); matrix.RotateYBefore(theta); } I made this workaround, it works for me!
  13. Here you have the complete error: Error LNK2019 unresolved external symbol "public: void __cdecl VWFC::Math::VWTransformMatrix::SetRotation(class VWFC::Math::VWPoint3D,class VWFC::Math::VWPoint3D)" (?SetRotation@VWTransformMatrix@Math@VWFC@@QEAAXVVWPoint3D@23@0@Z) referenced in function "public: bool __cdecl NotRelevant::NotRelevantMethod(double &,double &,double &,double &,double &,double &,double &,bool &,char * * &,bool)" (?NotRelevantMethod@NotRelevant@@QEAA_NAEAN000000AEA_NAEAPEAPEAD_N@Z)
  14. I tried to use VWTransform's void SetRotation(VWPoint3D newZ, VWPoint3D newY); Unfortunately the compiler complains with LNK2019: unresolved external symbol. I have encountered this bug earlier on, but strange enough, I succeeded yesterday to compile, but I was not able to do the same today. Am I the only one who has issues with this function? I cannot make sense out of this situation.
  15. Thank you Joshua, this makes completely sense!
  16. I don't want my plugin to interfere with the Vectorworks walls because it isn't a door, neither a window. so I tried to tweak with some object variables (varCreateCustomObjectDontInsertInWall), as well the SParametricDef struct that belongs to the plug-in object but without result. How can I block the wall insertion of my plug-in object? I'll thank you beforehand for your reply.
  17. I think the use of matrices is the only sensible way to transform objects.(sorry Vectorscript and Python) The good part now is that I can use almost the same transform for my 2D and 3D parts (hybrid objects), I just have to drop the Z-offfset back to 0 on the transform before applying it to the 2D part.
  18. apparently using scale on VWTransform is the way to go, It will keep everything 2D as long the z offset equals 0.
  19. I made some progress: But i'm not quite there, i changed the object variables like this: TVariableBlock value = TVariableBlock ((Sint16) 3); gSDK->SetObjectVariable(*rect, ovSymbolScaleType,value); TVariableBlock value2 = TVariableBlock ((Real64) -1.0); gSDK->SetObjectVariable(*rect, ovSymbolYScaleFactor,value2); this does almost what I want, but unfortunately this does not work with the rectangle objects that are in my group. I suppose this is a bug? Apparently I need to 'Flip' this object without scale. I'm looking forward to your reply.
  20. Thanks @Nicolas Goutte but, Isn't that just what i'm trying to do? what do you mean with the '-' before hatchIndex?, I'm thinking I have to set a variable somewhere.
  21. VWObject errorBox(gSDK->CreateRectangle(WorldRect(WorldPt(0,0),WorldPt(1000,1000)))); InternalIndex hatchIndex; gSDK->NameToInternalIndexN("ErrorHatch", hatchIndex); //VWPattern hatchPat(hatchIndex); //errorBox.GetObjectAttribs().SetFillPattern(hatchPat); gSDK->SetFillPat(errorBox,hatchIndex); Hello there, I would like to add a hatch pattern that exists in my resource browser to my 2D rectangle (as if I would just drag and drop), but this does not work, what am I doing wrong?
  22. I am sorry, I made a duplicate
  23. VWTransformMatrix vmat; gSDK->GetViewMatrix(gSDK->GetActiveLayer(),vmat); If I execute this piece of code it sends me an union matrix, even when my current view is turned in a weird non-perpendicular angle. I would like to retrieve a matrix which corresponds to the way i'm currently looking to my 3D world. Vectorscript's/Python's VS:GetViewMatrix returns useful information but I don't understand how I could get exactly the same information from the SDK. I find this essential to get the most out of my tools. I'll thank you beforehand for your reply.
  24. I made an extension tool that derives from VWExtensionTool like in the provided SDK samples. How can i add preferences AKA object properties or parametric record to this, so that i can edit those as settings for the tool, like in this little screenshot? I was expecting a solution similar to VWExtensionParametric for VWExtensionTool but i didn't found a way to include the parameter definition array, Thanks beforehand for your advice.
  25. Nebeor


    Thank you, This works, but i would like to understand he story behind TransformMatrix and VWTransformMatrix. What's compatible and what is not?
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