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  1. HI, Jacob: I never figured out what the problem was here. I also concluded it had to do with the file. My workaround was to open a new file, and copy over each layer individually from the old file; rebuild the viewports and sheet layers. Painful but it worked and got me through the project. I haven't seen a recurrence of the issue. Seems from your "Saved Set" solution discovery that there was something in the PDF distiller internal to VWX? There have always been pockets of weirdness in how VWX interacts with various printing software.
  2. Ack....It's not a VWX 2020 problem. It's something with the file. I tried exporting the file I was having trouble with back to VWX 2019, and opened it up in 2019. Same problem. I had to jump into another VWX 2020 file, which I also created, which is taking the Page Setup information and using it for Export and Publish to PDF. As far as I can tell I've got the two files set up the same in Page Setup, and Publish, and Export. Obviously there's something else going on in the file. If I had time to mess around with this, I'd be delighted to do it. But I'm on deadlines; that's always when these things happen. I'll open a blank new file; copy everything over layer by layer, and go from there.
  3. I'm having a similar issue, about which I just posted a question. I do use viewports and sheet layers. VWX 2020 seems to be exporting or publishing screen shots rather than what's been set up in Page Setup, etc. Not for all files, though; I have some files that are behaving just fine. The Page Setup and Publish settings appear to be the same for all, but the Export/ Publish outputs are different.
  4. I've been setting up drawings with multiple sheet layers since they were introduced years ago. Using Page Setup, I use settings from a PDF "printer" I've used for years that allows custom page size options. I've got a routine that has worked for over 5 years; maybe a decade even. I then output them via the Publish command to PDF. I have a standard setup for the options in the various Publish windows, which have also worked fine for years. Now in VWX2020, I've been using the same process and getting weird results. PDF's exported as "Letter" sized are coming out as 8.5"x11" drawings, on larger paper, like 9.5" x 24" wide. Not standard paper sizes; nothing I've ever specified; but it could be the scaled size of the VWX window on my computer monitor desktop. These files print fine, but viewing them in a PDF viewer doesn't work well. as the PDF viewer thinks the file is supposed to include all the unused white space outside the actual image. I'm also seeing the PDF's clipped off, as visible on the VWX window on my monitor. It's like instead of publishing the PDF per the specifications entered in Page Setup, VWX is now publishing screen shots. Anybody else seeing this? 10-426 @ Crescents of 6-wide_v6.pdf 20-Rigging_v6.pdf Sheet layer publishing problem.vwx
  5. I'm working in a complex 2D file with numerous layers and a lot of lighting objects in it. There are a lot of very small (in terms of bits and bytes) 2D decor symbols. They all got dumped in to the "0" class. I sorted them into discreet classes, like "Decor-table," "Decor-chair," etc. When I selected 10-15 of the little 2D circles with a fill that stood for tables and were symbols, then selected "Class - New Class" from the Object Info drop-down, VWX2019, SP5 crashed. Just winked out like I'd hit "End Task" in Task Manager. This sort of thing has been happening a lot since about April, and only just now have I caught exactly what I was doing when it crashed. I suspect there are other things causing this sort of crash too. If I create the New Class first, then select the objects to put into it, that seems to work. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, however, I'll grab a bunch of items and then decide they deserve a class of their own, and then I guess I'm in trouble. I've re-set my Auto-Save to every 2 minutes, which is super-annoying, but at least I have to redo less work each time.
  6. @ "fabrica": Bummer. I haven't crashed out yet today, knock wood. But I haven't put much of a load on my system today; just a few minor manipulations.
  7. It's weird to get a Service Pack mere weeks before the next year's version is typically released. However, the increasing, seemingly random, crashes are bad and worth fixing. I've taken to setting my auto-save to every 2 minutes, so I lose less work. If I'd noticed a trend in the crashes I'd have posted about it, of course. Sometimes when selecting a layer or a class; sometimes when zooming; when panning; it really seems random. My new laptop should have the horsepower required to deal with reasonable requirements, I'd think. So I'm glad to install SP 5.1, because I have a lot of work to get out the door before VWX 2020 SP1 comes out...
  8. @Paulo Ferrari Video Card settings have been something of a mystery to me. I draw 2D stick-figure drawings mostly, but lots of them. I start by importing .dwg files of unknown provenance from hotels and convention centers, and then lay in Audio-Visual stuff and lots and lots of table and chair symbols. So while I don't get into 3D work or renders or anything of a high degree of difficulty, I can totally choke even the rocket-powered laptops I have to buy. After installing VWX 2019 SP3, I could crash my computer simply by selecting a bunch of symbols and using the Shift/Arrow nudge tool. Or the Drape tool, or the Video Projector tool. Troubleshooting was a challenge because I use a second monitor via USB-C where I like to put my palettes; I usually have Office applications open at the same time; and very often objects from .dwg files import weirdly to VWX; grouped 2D objects interpreted as faulty 3D symbols with no Z-axis values; stuff like that. The GPU is doing a lot of unnecessary math. Your suggested settings made a huge difference after a restart. Thanks again, and next time I set up a computer, or the next VWX update, I'll definitely ask your advice again.
  9. Paulo! You're my new hero! I was having all kinds of problems recently since SP3 and my troubleshooting wasn't getting me anywhere. I just found your post and applied the settings. The slow, laggy issues I was having seem to be much better. Thanks!
  10. Cool! Thanks! In the meantime I've gotten an update that seems to have fixed the issue, but this functionality is great. I'll fool around with this. I can imagine a couple other ways, not just this particular issue, that this could help. Thanks again!
  11. I draw a lot of pipe-and-drape and when I'm in a hurry, when I double-click to end a run of P&D I often get an extra base-plate and short run of drape by mistake (my mistake I'm sure). Usually I just double-click the pipe-and-drape object to open up the editing tools, select the "Delete Vertex" tool, and click on the oddball baseplate and away it goes. Now the "Delete Vertex" tool does nothing. All the other editing tools seem to work. Since those tools seem like the general "Edit Polyline" tools I've tried them all on a polyline object, and they work just fine. I've seen other users get relief by deleting their RunTime Cache folder and restarting VWX. Does that sound like an option? Where is that? I've only seen the filepath listed for Macs and I'm on the PC Windows 10 dark side... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
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