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  1. Strange, seems the end user could simply adjust units/settings on their end without need for additional programming/development. ... ?? Would love to see more plugin development like this encouragedorsupported by VW. In fact, it seems it would be in NNA to somehow sponsor or 'co-license' such efforts as to deliver more timely product development. what gives?
  2. Is there a 'workflow' tutorial on 'tiles'...?? We're always creating paver details manually...be curious to learn about a faster method..
  3. If nothing else, thanjust to play deveils advocate-- You are absolutely right on both counts ('random pattern' is an oxymoron of sorts, though 'random-appearance pattern' may not) and as far as documentation, your idea of a hatch with text description or vignette/detail is perfectly appropriate we also have to consider the context of the discussion here--we are talking about BIM (or SIM) if we are talking vectorworks (otherwise ill happily creat what you mentioned in 2d cad in half the time and effort). Ideally, I would want to see the pattern I create, random or otherwise, in detail down to the paver and in 3 dimensions. I also want to document it. So, using a hatch and detail sort of defeat the purpose of while we're all here on this board...good response though nonetheless..
  4. I think I get what you're saying and would love to see your workflow. It sounds alot like how civils use c3d to create basins, except we have to adapt given tools rather than a purpose built tool. How to link it all with a curb and gutter profile kind of blows my mind to think about though...
  5. On the landscape/landmark side I have to say there is quite a bit still to be desired, but I understand our industry probably isnt a top priority. The fact that NNA is developing landscape arch specific tools is pretty good as it is. I getthe BIM thing--It's what brought me here in the first place. I triedn archicad and revit as well. My partner picked up acad in about two weeks ten years ago, she is struggling to even get started with vw. It would be good if nna offered free video training. there are a lot of random tutorials on specific tools, but not enough on the day-to-day operations. Today for example I just needed to get a model out for sketchup for another consultant. 3Ds works fine, but lone behold you have to import in milimeters even though Im working in feet and inches...a lot of weid quirks in vw I cant quite undertsand.
  6. Agreed...I asked the tech to file a request to simply add an 'export to sketchup' option. ARchicad and Revit are also software we interoperate with most as well..thanks for the help
  7. For future reference, you have to import/3ds/options/milimeters ...why?? I do not know ..that is annoying.
  8. Same here. For working with the Archicad clients we work with most we've resorted to importing sketchup. Sketchup retains geometry best as well as their textures/materials. Problem now is I cant figure out how to get an IFC or 3ds back to them without scaling, loss of geometry
  9. Yup, the tools available make roads and things that do not jive with reality whatsoever. Its nice for making a fantasy perfectly flat rectangular lot in the middle of space, but when you have to get the lot to sit within a site and connect to other roads and paving, etc it is virtually impossible without a massive 3d modeling effort that is not easy to edit after the fact, which is a major no -go in the arch world in my experience as everything changes...
  10. Jim, thanks for your promp reply and help. Is there a number I can call to follow up with tech support, maybe someone who specializes in landscape/architecture? I am under the gun as usual and frustrated this is a really simple task that is now eating into my day ...thanks
  11. I'm not sure exactly what that means..I just got the feeling you were assuming I was from the 'old school' CAD demographic...Internet communication can be tricky. If I offended, it wasn't intentional. Trying to respond to the discussions here while waiting for some help from the VW team under a tight deadline and feeling like Im wasting time again using a tool I thought would save time...so Im admittedly a little cranky
  12. ANy resolution to scale issue with 3ds or other format exports? Seems like this has been an ongoing problem with no solution ??
  13. I'd be totally open to other formats if you fond another that works better, btw
  14. This has been an ongoing problem in all of our VWX project files. Thanks for looking into it..
  15. Still running into this issue, cant believe it's so challenging to get a clean import/export to/from other software. I would think this would be fundamental. Disappointed. Anyone have a relatively simple workflow for VW to archicad (and/or sketchup/revit) and vice versa ??
  16. Been a squeaky wheel for a while now about exactly what diamo stated-- LA's are being totally underserved in the BIM world. I think VW has a great opportunity to capitalize on this if they: 1. Take serious look at site engineering needs of practicing LA's, and develop tools to directly address those needs, ie Better site grading controls, Better Road and Parking tools, Subsurface drainage tools, etc 2. Better Export, sharing capability via IFC, sketchup, DWG, 3Ds 3. Drafting improvements, quick command, or command line options for most common tasks, ie line, polyline, trim, extend, circle, arc, fillet, scale, etc... 4. Better FREE training to help convert more CAD firms and help new users like us showcase the tools in our practice more quickly Why NNA/VW seem resistant is beyond me. The response I get usually is something like "designers have different needs..." In my opinion, these are pretty standard workflows for modern-day LA's. I hate to be the squeaky wheel, but not sure what else to do to move the needle ?? We need these tools ASAP...
  17. here you go jim...measure a property line in vwx, then export to 3ds, import to sketchup and measure the same line. If you can tell me what Im doing wrong I'll send you an e-hug.. The_Sanctuary_Site.vwx
  18. I can tell you I am 36 years old, so Im not an old fart. And my firm works almost entirely in 3D. SO I speak the language. I'm not 'old school' by any means. Cad command prompt is way, way faster than drafting in vectorworks imho. I am a designer, not an engineer or draftsperson. Yes, VW has 3D capability, but drafting is sketchy imo.
  19. Has this issue been resolved..??? Trying to get a site model out of VW into Sketchup and scale is not translating in 3DS or seemingly any other format!!. I've tried setting different scales, exporting different scales...shouldnt be as complicated as this apparently is..
  20. That video basically shows how to use a 'striping' tool. That parking lot appears to be flat, with no curb, gutter, crowns, channels, etc. It's not a very realistic or useful example, although the striping tool is pretty neat.
  21. Thats me in a nutshell. I run a small LA firm splitting time between the east coast and mountain west. We work on virtually every project scale from small high end gardens to urban districts. We almost always work with civils and architects on every projects, sharing files, modeling, etc. I have found the VW software to be headed in the right direction but a lot of the tools seem pnly partially developed and/or there is a BIG disconnect between professional needs and the actual software engineering. We have tried IFC, 3Ds, Sketchup, and DWG formats for file sharing with limited success...
  22. I learned cad through the command line in 2002, still using it today. I type virtually every command. I use almost none of the other buttons and toolbars. Actually I usually have them all closed so I am essentially working with a big black screen. You can imitate VW's WYSIWYG style by working through paperspace with plot style display box checked. Theres a rhythm to it that I have just been unable to match in vw. FOr now, I'm using vw to do quick site model studies, but precision drafting and documents are still done in Autocad unfortunately.
  23. Did Jims suggestion work? We usually get existing trees from the surveyor in Cad format. The tree symbols are usually cad blocks. It would be ideal if there were a way to select a block and replace all of the block copies with an 'ex tree' symbol. Possible?
  24. Running into the same issue with a grading plan. The contour labels overlap. I can move them with the reshape tool, but this is a waste of time as when I update the model the labels shift and overlap again. Also would like to see whole number label options.
  25. Curious how other users are drawing/modeling parking and if the program has the capability.
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