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  1. Primarily Ideal standard (arguably the biggest UK sanitaryware company). Have moved to a 3d workflow and making full use of VW's 3d capabilities (webview export etc.). BIMobject, I think I'm missing something - have set it up and this is what 's in the download folder after tying a few downloads....
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply Andy. I think it's as quick manually in this instance. I'd hoped there was an automated way; eg. Revit (sorry VW's) has a tool where you can 'save' sheet settings/ views and then apply to other sheets. M
  3. Hi, Is there a quick was to apply a 'saved view' class and layer assignments to multiple 'saved views' or drawing sheets and viewports? I've got lots of room elevations set up and want to quickly set all class dis thankyou!
  4. is there a way of excluding 'undo view' from the 'undo' command in vw?
  5. Interested to know of experiences in using 3d sanitaryware assets in vectorworks, good or bad?! For UK specification but interested also in global experience. Finding it not so easy to get good quality native 3d vectorworks content. Anyone would think Revit is the only 3d software; are there so many more Revit than vectorworks users?!
  6. Hi, Just in case you haven't found details.... 'BIM and Digital Practices' Tuesday, 3 October 2017 from 09:30 to 17:30 (BST) Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews W1G 9DT London United Kingdom Organised by Vectorworks UK Ltd. I was notified by email from VW UK/ Service select Team (are they one and the same?! I don't know) Mark
  7. Looking forward to meeting the Vectorworks UK team at the Conference in October and seeing what they have in store for UK designers and architects!
  8. Hi all, I'm sure it used to be possible to copy and paste between two open drawings, but in VW2017 it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas/ was this ever possible?! thanks Mark
  9. ...free entry level version for Unity (and others e.g. Sketchup) good for intro/ starting out/ learning/ occasional users.
  10. Tend to just use Arial font but trying to use courier std, but can't get it to display correctly. I'm guessing there's a box I need to tick somewhere or something else...any thoughts appreciated!
  11. Hi, Certainly agree with your view, any tools that help engage with clients at an early stage and throughout a project are surely good news. Doesn't necessarily mean 'vr'. VW web view is a good start for entry level (ok, lighting and a few things need developing). Of course not forgetting 'ar' and 'mr' where 3d info. can be overlayed on top of the real world to see information in a specific context. Arguably more useful for architecture and interiors than vr! My feeling is that 3d in aec is being driven from two sides; BIM (the rather dull technical side) and Gaming/ Entertainment, the fun (and engaging) bit that 'the public' want (and more and more expect) to use/ see/ experience. Somewhere in the middle is the solution I'd like to use! M
  12. Thanks Alan, works really well. Makes it worth investing even more time in the 3d model! M
  13. Is there a straight forward way to set up VW plan from a 3d model whereby VW draws lines as per drafting conventions (assuming of course these are universal..?): Hidden objects below plan cut (eg. under counter tops): dashed lines Above plan cut (eg. ceilings): dash-dot Cut plane: thick lines Visible beyond view plane: solid, but not so thick as cut plane
  14. ...ask the 'old' employee to give you some pointers/ tips. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help, and then reciprocate by introducing them to new techniques/ workflows as suggested in previous posts. You can teach old dogs new tricks!
  15. Thanks Rob, that would be great! Dulux references in UK are different I think to those currently in VW, format for example is '70YY 83/037'. Not sure if EU is the same?!
  16. ...I did wonder. We'll all have to start using BS4800, assuming that doesn't have the same issue?! Anyway, for reference if anyone's interested; http://www.e-paint.co.uk/RAL_Colourchart.asp
  17. More and more I find a need to indicate wall colours in models views/ elevation etc. Lots of colour palettes in VW's, but as far as I can see, apart from one universal system, ie. pantone, the only one that's relevant to UK market is Farrow and Ball., which doesn't reflect their latest range. Would be hugely useful to have these updated! Does anyone know of any easy to import resource for these.... RAL? BS (eg. BS4800)? Dulux?
  18. Yes, good point. It also schedules the number of tiles used; useful for more complex patterns using multiple sizes.
  19. Just been laying out floor tile patterns for a project. Found this tiling pattern generator where you can create tiling patterns then download a jpeg of it (generator.mosa.com) and use it on 3d model. Can only do square rooms at the moment but hopefully they'll add function to upload irregular shape?!
  20. yes ..in the meantime it would be great to be able to export VW straight into unity and then use Unity gaming mode controls, interactions and resources etc.. and have a model update link or reference (sketchfab has this) so you can re-upload without losing any settings applied in the gaming engine?! Alan W has posted some interesting related info. on vr elsewhere. Maybe VR/ AR/ MR (etc.) needs it's own section on the forum...?!
  21. I must admit I kind of gave up with it when I looked and found mostly revit stuff but I though I'd give it another go; maybe I'm missing something. Be intersted to know if anyone is using it regularly…..
  22. There's a BIM object webinar coming up for anyone who isn't on their mailing list.... http://info.bimobject.com/webinars (25th July)
  23. Thought I'd round this post off with the model for the above. Didn't take long at all to get the webview model., which worked well - perhaps because it's glass curtain walling, so lots of light!
  24. VW aside, an SSD may improve performance of PC in general use/ other software. With HDD my PC took an age to start, now a matter of seconds. That alone made it worth the investment for me. If money no object, then new PC!
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