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  1. Kevin, apologies for double posting, I could not delete one of them. Also thank you for example file, can you reserve to 2014 version as thats the one I'm working off. Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Tips please on calculating Circle Radius and Arc Length with dimensions. See file attached this is what I calculated but very unsure and need to be accurate as its a stage we are building with Baluster glass panels to stop from falling. ??
  3. Tips please on calculating Circle Radius and Arc Length with dimensions.
  4. See attached flyover tools does not work fantastic with this model.
  5. Kevin so from an advanced VW'er can you tell me the best process please. Just need direction.
  6. Wow that is good work. I am very far from that standard right now but hoping to get there.
  7. Kevin my aim is to give exact dimensions to build. Also to indicate how it should look when complete.
  8. Yes Kevin I do, I just cannot get a good view of this model when in 3d. I am not used to lighting effects and is very dark shades.
  9. Jim its actually front of a marquee. and yes i was planning on elevations and sections.
  10. Hey everyone, Apologies i am finding it difficult to get my head around setting up plans for construction using dimensions and angles. The company does not have a standard for this so creating myself. Hope I am making myself clear but what way would you present final plans with exact dimensions to give to carpenters for construction?
  11. Brilliant Andy thank you. Appreciate the detailed instructions. Ashling
  12. the boss referred to rounded corners as quadrants so figured out. Thanks for help.
  13. OK I have to dimension counters, Pods, and stage with backdrop for construction. Does anyone have tips or examples of dimensioning themselves? Obviously has to be accurate. Thanks.