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  1. Hi, I just installed VW2020 (Architect, Fundamentals, Renderworks), but when I opened one of the files I was working on in VW2019 the text scales were wonky: instead of displaying at the scale of the design layer they're in, as they normally do, the text dimension line "ticks" and arrow heads were giant. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!
  2. I had my elevations set up on a sheet layer in hidden line view and everything looked fine, then I went and did a bunch of miscellaneous modelling and when I happened to return to the elevations sheet, my ground floor walls have an extra heavy lineweight in hidden line view, and the junction with the 2nd floor walls which ought to be invisible is a big black line. I'm not sure what triggered this graphic change because I was doing a bunch of different things, including mucking around with textures, but I'm puzzled because the walls themselves haven't changed geometry and I can't get the lineweight back to normal. The problem affects all of the walls on my ground floor house layer. Images below. Any suggestions? As a side note, I've also lost my window ID labels. I double-checked and the class is turned on. The symbol outline shows up, but the text is missing. Has anyone encountered this before? How can I fix it?
  3. Thanks, Benson! I turns out that it was #5 - I didn't realize that the components would need a solid fill even if a texture was being applied to them.
  4. Hello, I'm learning to use render works textures and have a strange glitch where my slab is bright red, despite the applied texture being white paint (bottom) & hardwood (top). I've tried: applying the white paint directly by dragging and dropping from the resource browser applying the white paint to the slab style applying the white paint to the object, both overall and by component deleting and re-drawing the slab out of desperation But the strange red persists. Any suggestions? Screenshot of the very red ceiling attached.
  5. Hi, I just upgraded to Vectorworks Architecture 2019, and for some reason when I add a scale bar the numbers don't show up. I tried this in an existing file, mucked around with class & layer visibilities to no avail. I also created a blank file and added a scale bar, and had the same problem there. Is this a 2019 bug? Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  6. So THAT's what those cryptic little arrow/toggle buttons are for! Thanks a bunch, Gadzooks - that's exactly what I was looking for. And thanks for the tip about window numbering and elevations.
  7. Thanks, Gadzooks. I've been using the window ID, but when I create a window style (i.e. for Type A windows that all have the same dimensions), the ID options become greyed out, so all Type A windows have the exact same ID, as opposed to W-01 Type A, W-02 Type A, etc. Ideally, I would like each window label to be the window's unique ID number, and the window schedule can list which type applies to that window. I tried the ID label tool that you mentioned, to see if that could override the style's ID tag, but it doesn't let me select windows that have a set style. One way to deal with all of this would be to make all of my windows "unstyled", but I like having window styles for the extra control in applying changes to a bunch of windows at once, and as an extra check to make sure that they all truly match. VWX community: how do you all deal with window tags? Unstyled windows with unique ID numbers? Styled windows with ID tags by type? Or is there a unicorn solution that makes it possible to have styled windows with unique IDs?
  8. Hi, I'd like to assign an individual mark (unique id) to each window, as well as a type for all windows that share the same dimensions and elevation. What is the best way to set this up? I've made some window styles, which takes care of the type, but can't figure out how to give a unique mark to each window (to avoid having to say things like "the W01 window, third from the left on the East facade"). Thanks!


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