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  1. Does anyone have experience using LCD monitors for CAD work? Any Pros or Cons? Any brands better than others? Thanks Brett
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    Thanks AnthonyMC, this works great. Brett
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    Yes, we cannot print large size PDF files either, but have excellent results with smaller size drawings say up to A3 size. It would be nice if Acrobat included larger page sizes in the page size list - the largest they accommodate is A3 without using a custom page size. I think this is where the problem occurs. Brett
  4. We have recently converted some DWG files drawn in Autocad. 2 "sheets" were created in AC (1 sht of plans & 1 sht of elevs) but when converted to VW we ended up with 1 layer with the plans & elevs together and 2 more layers with just title block information. I did speak to them & they drew the plans & elevs on 1 "model" layer and then arranged these plans & elevs on 2 other layers to create the 2 drawings sheets - If you know what I mean! Is there something the person creating the AC file can do to ensure we get the drawings the way they intended? Thanks Brett VWA 9.5 Win XP
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    What objects automatically create the "NonPlot" class? Thanks Brett
  6. This is one of the annoying "features" of VW's. Why when you rotate a rectangle does it have to become a polygon? When you rotate a "detail cut wood" or "rectangular tubing" object for example, their dimensions are still editable in the OIP. Regards Brett
  7. What would be so helpful... When the "show dim value" is unchecked in the OIP, the dimension is highlighted in someway so that when you view the drawing it is obvious that the dimension has been "manually" adjusted. BG
  8. Try downloading the "print and stamp" tool from Vectordepot. Everytime you print it updates the date & filename on the drawing. You need to have only 1 instance of this in the file though, so to get it on each sheet you need to place the stamp on a "common" layer that is visible on all sheets. Works well though. Brett
  9. You need to purchase Windoor manager from Julian Carr. You can do virtually any combination of window & doors. We find it excellent. BG http://www.zeta.org.au/~jbcarr/
  10. I have just noticed that "square tubing" when rotated is still "square tubing" and fully editable in the OIP. Obviously the code can't be that difficult to write - I imagine there would be more code required for the rotated tubing object than a simple rectangle. BG
  11. Under which menu is the "tile" command found? VW9.5.2 Thanks Brett
  12. Dear Nemetschek Can you add this to the wish list please (hopefully near the top of the list!) The alt selection (rectangular & lasso method) must only select actual objects. Thanks BG
  13. Yes, the same effect does happen with a group. From our point of view it is definitely a bug. Nothing should be selected unless it is crossed. On our version the lasso selection mode works correctly so we will use this method in the future. Is it the same in Version 10? Thanks BG
  14. Draw a largish rectangle and turn this into a symbol - make sure it is un-filled. With the 2D selection tool and the rectangular selection mode enabled, hold the alt key (windows) and select "nothing" inside the symbol - Notice the symbol is selected even though no lines are touched/crossed. Now try it with the lasso selection mode enabled - Notice the symbol is not selected - as it shouldn't be because none of the lines are touched/crossed. This is an annoying bug with the rectangular selection mode. BG VW9.5.2 WINXP
  15. It's probably been said before, but why do rotated rectangles become polygons?. We want to be able to resize the rotated rectangle with the OIP or simply dragging a corner/side. BG
  16. P Retondo Try the "Clone PIO" plug in from Vectordepot to copy settings from one PIO to another similar PIO. BG
  17. Agreed, but I do feel there should be an option in the "eye dropper tool preferences" that could be selected so that the wall attributes are copied. BG
  18. Be nice to have a tool like the eyedropper that picks up wall attributes eg color, fill, width, height, class etc BG
  19. When entering text in to a cell it would be so much better if there was and option to wrap the text. Thanks BG
  20. You can also "right-click" on an empty part of the drawing and choose "deselect all" BG
  21. Thanks for the replies. I definitely downloaded the windows version, but I can't explain why I ended up with a .sit file. I extracted the file on a friends Mac & that worked fine. It's a neat little tool to have. Brett
  22. I have already uncompressed the file (tried it twice) using Winzip & this is the file that was created. Any ideas? Brett
  23. Dear Cloud Hidden This may seem like a basic question. I have just downloaded the script & ended up with a file "hidden line smoothing angle.sit" which I placed in the "plug-ins" folder. I then re-started VW and went to the workspace editor but I can't locate this tool. Where do I find it? It is a "menu" item not a "tool" right? Any help appreciated. Brett
  24. One feature we had in an earlier CAD program that we would like to see in VW is. A "counter" that told you how many items you have selected. I can't imagine this would be very hard to incorporate. Please consider it, as we found it very useful. Thanks Brett
  25. You can put arrow heads on curves but they - open arrow heads, don't look the same as an arrow head on a straight line, and they don't seem to be able to be manipulated. NNA - This needs to be addressed. BG
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