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  1. using ARCHITECT platform XP Pro
  2. HELP, i had to reformat my hard drive and re-install vectorworks. i installed 11.0 ... no problem. then i used the 11.1 installer from nemetschek's site... no problem... then i used the 11.5 installer from nemetschek's site... SERIOUS PROBLEM... it said that my version was 11.1 and needed to be 11.1.3??? or something and would not install. what the hell do i do! tim tripp
  3. tim tripp

    Encad T200+

    i'm really having trouble getting control of this plotter. i had an encad nova jet iii... great printer! i use vw 11.5 in the windows environment. getting the printer to cut sheets at their proper size is really a problem. encad was no help at all. they said to put a 'dot' at the place i wanted the paper cut and leave cut and save media on. there has to be a better way. HELP tim tripp
  4. tim tripp


    i'm using adobe acrobat to send stuff to clients and consultants. it works as a printer in vw. when i use it on small documents (tabloid) the results are wonderful. (a 10 page set of drawings is a 175k file). when i use it for a large document (say, arch d) all kind of strange things happen. no fonts, weird lay-out. plainly not working. any suggestions?


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