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  1. Lisa L

    Comm Device

    Is it still not possible to make your own symbols for this plug in?
  2. Lisa L

    VW 2017 Network Setup

    Hi, While I am not sure what the issue is with your setup, I can share our offices setting to establish our workgroup. Our Office runs on both Macs and PC's. On our server, we have a workgroup folder, but the User Data and Preferences folder is set to be saved on each machine. I go through and customize each new release of VW and create an office Workspace, that then gets placed into the Workgroup folder under Workspaces, and then each machine can be the same setup and will have access to the same resources. Hope this helps. Lisa
  3. Lisa L

    Worksheet Formatting Scripts

    Thank you Pat and bcd for the help!
  4. Lisa L

    Worksheet Formatting Scripts

    Is there a way to auto-class any/ all worksheets when they are placed on the drawing? I just want to be able to set the default class for worksheets. Thanks, Lisa
  5. Lisa L

    Sheet Border Settings

    Is there a way to set the default for the sheet border tool. Everytime I place a sheet border (or better said our office Titleblock) it automatically sets the margins on the page to 0.75" on all sides of the page. See the attached image for the default settings. Is there a way to change these defaults? So that I don't have to change the margins, number of zones and Text Order each time, but that it automatically gets set to our office standard? Thanks, Lisa
  6. Lisa L


    Have you tried Text - Reconcile Notes? That sometimes fixes the issue for us.
  7. Is there a way to change the default line type for the Elevation Benchmark tool?