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  1. I have a Cintiq at work and I have tried to get it to work with VW. I went and changed some of the buttons on the sides of the screen to be VW commands and have had some success with it. What would make a huge difference is if my Cintiq was a touchscreen as well that way I could have the keyboard on the screen
  2. I deleted everything according to that guide and got it to work. Thanks for the help
  3. I recently (today) installed the SP3 update for VW2017 and no matter what I do, whether it is going from a plan to an isometric view, or hitting update on a viewport, VW will crash every time. I have reinstalled SP3 thinking that might solve it and it doesn't. I have also updated my video card drivers and that doesn't work either. Short of uninstalling the program and redoing it, there has to be a fix for this or do I have to potentially wait till SP4?
  4. I have attached a file that has a few items from our library in it. Whenever you get a chance, can you see if you are able to open the parts list worksheet with these wall frames it would be helpful. What you will probably have to do is open up that default.sta I put up last week and then open this new file and copy/paste these walls into it to see if they show up. Walls_Test.vwx
  5. I have attached a file for people to test to see if I am just missing something. With all of the help I have had recently on this forum (thank you) I have setup all of our users to access everything from the network. The problem (of the week) seems to be with the default template that I have setup for everyone here. On the PC end, everything works as it should and when I place in items from our libraries, I am able to go to Window-file name-Worksheets-Expotechnik Stückliste_Partslist. The parts list is something we share with our German offices thats why it appears the way it does. When I setup our one user that is on a mac with VW, everything configured just as it did on the PC but with the exception of the worksheet. This is where I am wondering if I missed something on the mac side. I even tried bringing in objects from our library to see if it would show up then and it didn't. Whatever help I can get with this will be grateful. Thanks, Default.sta
  6. I got everything to work for everyone this morning and everything works perfect now. Turns out we had a permissions issue with some of the users since we were not allowing them to write to certain folders and they needed the ability to write to a user folder. Once that was out of the way, the rest of the configurations went smooth. Thanks everyone for the help
  7. Well I am a little lost on what I am doing wrong. I have followed everything listed above and it works perfect on my pc and on one other next to me. However, there are 2 machines that are giving me a problem because I change the user folders to the user folders I created for them and it goes through telling me its going to copy over settings and whatnot, but then pops up that its going to close and needs to be restarted without every copying any information over. So I go to restart the programs and they crash on startup to the point where I do a clean uninstall and reinstall them, try again, and run into the same issue. Anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? On my pc, I first changed the "user data and preferences folder" and then after it is done and restarted, added in my "workgroup and project folders" and it works fine.
  8. First off, holy crap! Thanks for the response. I have been going through it and it seems to make sense. I am currently setting it up on my machine before I role it out to everyone else just to make sure it works correctly but so far, when accessing the network based resources, it seems to be going faster. My activation issue has gone away now with creating a separate user file.
  9. I was trying to set it up as workgroups, unless project folders would be the better way to go? I have attached some screen shots of how it is all set up on VW and then the directory on our server. Everyone that uses VW are on a PC based network and the server is Windows Server 2008 R2. All of our company library files are located under Libraries\Favorites and every time I have configured someones machine to use those network folders, it wipes out what is there and puts in shortcuts to them. After that, I have to copy back over the backup copy of those files and it works. Do I need to remote the workgroup and project folder directory that I have listed in the attached image? Or do I need to add more?
  10. A few weeks ago, I took all of our VW users and changed everything to run off the network so that way all of our settings and libraries would be the same. I did this so that we would have a uniform look across all of our drawings, something that the company I work for never did until I was placed in charge of it. However, I have been running into some annoying issues that I can't seem to resolve. First is that on all of the machines, it takes, for some, upwards of 20 minutes to start VW. I am assuming that it is making a temp copy of the library files (which are about 1gb in total and growing) and thats why it takes so long. Is there a way to speed this up? Our network here is a full gigabit network and it doesn't make sense. The other issue is that when we all start it up, it asks for an activation every single time. How can I stop this from happening? As of this morning, I took the user that has to wait 20 minutes for VW to start off of the network setup so that he could actually work. I have looked for other threads but didn't really find what I needed in order to solve this issue. Any help that I can get with this would be insanely helpful not only to me, but to the workflow we have here since I am desperately trying to streamline everything and create that uniform look to all of our drawings. Thanks
  11. Nevermind. I found that if I click the "reset saved settings" it fixed it.
  12. So I recently setup up vectorworks for all our users to access all default libraries and settings from the network. Everything is working great except for the "preserve folder hierarchy" option when dragging in a symbol from one of our many libraries, its simply gone. I have gone through all the settings that I know of and can't find anything that will allow that option to be restored. I know a few years ago when we had an issue like this, we would go to VW preferences and just hit reset but that is something I don't want to have to do since I just got everything working across the network. Does anyone know of anything I can do to restore this? I like having the organization within my drawing file and its not doing that anymore.
  13. So I turned on everything in the furniture library and put them on the same layer as they would appear in any drawing and it seems to have solved the problem. I will have to go through all my libraries to make sure they are set up the same way to prevent this from being an issue in the future. Thanks for the help.
  14. The class that the furniture is supposed to be on is turn on all the time. If I go and turn all classes off and then on, it solves it. I usually select the "environment" class that you see above and turn it on then off and it solves it. But like I said, it doesn't do it on all symbols and there has to be a way to fix this I would think. Edit: I opened up the library file to see if I can edit anything in there and I noticed that everything was on a different layer. I wasn't the original creator of this library and I have been trying to fix everything I can. Does it matter that its on a different layer than the layer its going to in the final drawing? Also, the classes inside the library file were turned off. Does that have any affect on it when placing it into a drawing?
  15. I have gone into the symbol to make sure everything is visible on the classes and they are. If I go into the symbol right now without turning the random class off and on to get it to show up, I can't select the 2d polygon that I have drawn. The only thing I can select is the text that I have inside that symbol. This problem is occurring mainly in my furniture and lighting libraries that I have and not really any others. However since I go into my furniture library a lot, its rather annoying. I have put two additional attachments. One is being in the symbol before turning a class on and off, and the other is showing what it should look like.
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