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  1. Just out of interest and over one year on.. I was wondering how we are doing with the Matthews stand symbols?
  2. Hi Forum Is it me! Or does anyone else find creating and moving schematic views clunky? Beachball of death often being the case with 20M trusses. Running VW2020 MacBook Pro 15" 2017 3.1Ghz Intel i7 16GB Radeon Pro 560 4GB Intel HD Graphics 630 1536MB Thanks
  3. I have a slightly related topic that hopefully someone can help me with. Sometimes I want to move all components of my label legend for one fixture but not another with the same legend. Is there a way to do this without creating another label legend. Basically I want to select all and drag to a new place.
  4. Thanks once again I managed to solve the problem by attaching the Parts record to the objects with in the base group and also attaching it to the group. Which I believe is the opposite to what you recommended!
  5. Hi Thanks for the speedy reply. I have tried your suggestion but with no luck. Having looked at your file attached above - I get the same results as my test file. Maybe I am missing something?!
  6. Hello Team I am having rotation issue with certain symbols. Basically when I rotate a symbol in 3D using the rotation tool or OI the body of the fixture separates from the head. If I rotate the symbol in the RM it is ok, until I insert it into the plan. If I then try and rotate it again the separation issue happens. The attached VWX has two symbols one that has the problem and one that doesn't. I can not for the life of me see what is different between the two apart from class assignments given to the symbols. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance Testy Spiider Rotation.vwx
  7. Thanks Scottmoore I had worked out the focus points and after a little patients during rendering I have the DLVP rendering scenes. 👍🏻
  8. Hi Folks Ok thanks this thread has been really helpful and I have my head around DLVP and raked trusses etc. But it has raised a few questions with spotlight rendering. FYI I also have my head around rendering but not a master so hopefully I have just missed something along my work flow. I thought it would be as simple as drawing my plot as normal, adding focus points and gobo info etc etc. Then creating the raked trusses with DLVP and then rendering lighting scenes and hey presto I would get what I was looking for from the DLVP raked trusses. But no it only renders the lighting scene from the straight trusses that the DLVP are created from. In basic terms can I use a DLVP for viewing spotlight rendering? Thank you
  9. Hey Rob Ok thanks for the update. Seems odd that some manufactures are not willing to jump onboard. From my own experience if the symbol appears in the the resource manager, it has much more chance of being used on site! What I find equally puzzling is why the truss symbol library is so small compared to availability of DWG symbols. Looping back to the C stands - I am sure the Manfrotto Avenger C Stand would suffice and seeing that there has been a massive update to Manfrotto lighting stands recently. Would this be possible? Cheers
  10. Hi! Have the C Stand symbols arrived yet? I can't seem to find them in the resource manager.. Thanks
  11. Hey I can confirm that this has been a problem in 2019 SP1 and SP2. Maybe it is just me but I use clip cube for creating viewports all the time and seeing 3D label legends and dims is essential.
  12. Hey Cookie Have you had a reply from VSS on this known clip cube bug?
  13. Hello forum Ok slight newbie question here but I am getting slightly confused with trim height or maybe I should say when to use trim height instead of Z height for truss. In days gone past Z height satisfied my needs, I know trim height is to work with Braceworks but why and when should I use it. This is my current work flow. Insert truss with tool set Convert to hanging postion Give hanging position Z height Add fixtures to hanging position Another on topic question - has anyone experienced trusses being given an 'odd' height when converting to a hanging position. I am experiencing the truss moving Z by -.036" when creating a single hanging position from multiple pieces of truss. VW2018 SP2 Thanks
  14. Thanks Rob I had this exact issue yesterday when downloading truss from the CL website. Another VSS customer waiting till January..
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