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  1. Hello - Normally when I want to slightly move a single instruments label legend symbols there is a little blue anchor point. For some reason it is missing on this specific drafting - my selection tool IS set to " Single Object Interactive Scaling Mode" so that shouldn't be the problem. Thanks in advance!
  2. Undocking and redocking fixed the issue. I can't imagine thats working as intended haha. Thanks a lot.
  3. Sorry, I hit submit too early. Vectorworks 2016 is fully up to date. Running MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6 Files attached of the attribute panel in question.
  4. For some reason my Attribute palette is just blank and gray. I've had this issue with the object palette before as well but luckily when using spotlight you can use the instrument insert tool to select your instrument. I have no clue how to fix this. I have restarted vectorworks numerous times, I have used different files. No matter what line or shape tool or even text tool I select there is no option for attributes.
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