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  1. Hi All, I am trying to export some 3D massing models (pitched roofed house models for context to a site model) to rhino but I cannot get any consistent results. I have tried most of the 3D export options, but VW either flattens the 3D down to the 2D plane, or tears the 3D model into individual planes and then centres them on the origin. The only conversion that gives me approximate 3D house style shapes is the 3DS export option, but all the geometry goes a bit wonky. Does anyone know a workflow I can use to export 'massing models' into usable 3D geometry I can import into another program. Thank you. Nicholas McLeod
  2. nick@e8urban

    Vectorscript Set Z-Value of 3D Polyline

    Hi Josh. Got it.. I understand this, but when I select a single 3d polyline it allows me to enter a z-value for the whole object (which I assume is the lowest point of a '3D object'), but when multiples are selected I don't have this option. I guess your answer above is the reason why. I'll take your first suggestion though. I'll just be careful. Thanks again. Nick.
  3. nick@e8urban

    Vectorscript Set Z-Value of 3D Polyline

    Hi Josh, Thank you for your reply. I was looking at move3D, but I wanted something to set the z-value to a definite value. Otherwise I could accidentally run the script twice and ruin myself by compounding mistakes. Otherwise, I could do this and just be careful, but thats not really my strongest suit.. y'know? Nick.
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to work through a bunch of contours imported from GIS information. These contours are all sitting on z=0 and all have an elevation value in their records, but there are thousands of separated lines so elevating all by hand is a large job. I have set up some scripts to select these contours separately, but I would like to add to these scripts, by adding a line that sets the z-value of the selection to the elevation value in the record. I don't need it to be smart or anything.. I just want to know a script that can specify a z-value to multiple 3D Polylines. Help? Thank you in advance. Nick Mac OSX 10.11.6 Vectorworks Architect 2016