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  1. I'd be fine picking up a Radeon card for this purpose, it would certainly be useful for that and other applications, and I've seen enough test-cases of eGPUs working out-of-the-box with a MBP to feel comfortable. I looked at the Razer, and I really like it, but I've also seen a ton of reports of reliability issues that have so far been enough to warn me off...
  2. Well, the benchmarks for the on-chip graphics on the new 13" Macbook Pro come out a bit ahead of the dedicated GPU in my existing 15" MBP, which gets along all right for anything up to a 10-truck arena show...
  3. It doesn't have a dedicated GPU, but the Iris 650 is twice the power of the Intel 620 in all of the other laptops in this space (Dell XPS, Yoga 920), so it's a compelling factor for sure.
  4. I've looked at basically all the laptops that exist, in the last few weeks. The Phantom Pro would have the same problem as my existing 5-year-old MBP, namely that it's too tall to open on an airplane, and here in Canada it costs about $200 less than the Macbook Pro.
  5. Yes, I do, but it's a fair question. ...at this point I'm spending >5-10 hours a week on an airplane, and in an airline seat I can't even open a 15" laptop to get work done. Plus, shedding another 2 pounds from my fly pack would be a real bonus. I'm still doing most of my heavy-lifting VW work on a custom-built desktop with a high-spec video card. I don't do a lot of VW work once I'm on site, and there's nothing else about my laptop use that requires a high-spec computer, but it doesn't help me any if I buy an ultrabook that solves all my other issues, but can't even open my VW drawings. Thanks Art!
  6. Thanks Jim - if I understand correctly, my best results in Plan / Wireframe views will come from a laptop with the most capable graphics card possible? If so, this suggests my best move in the 13" laptop space would be away from the PC options (with stronger CPUs and weaker graphics) towards a Macbook Pro (with only a dual-core processor, but more capable onboard graphics), and potentially add an eGPU with a full-strength gaming video card, when working at my desk. Am I in the right ballpark here? Thanks!
  7. Hi folks, I currently split my work flow between my desktop machine (i5-6600, 32GB RAM, GTX 970) and my Macbook Pro Retina 2012 (i7-3820, 16 GB RAM, G650M), but I'd really like to move to a smaller laptop. Everything I've read about Vectorworks hardware requirements suggests that you'd be a fool to attempt Vectorworks with any less than a 1GB video card, but I'm wondering how much of this is due to rendering? I use Spotlight to draw lighting plots and site layouts, and I'll simply never, ever use the Vectorworks rendering engine. Heading into a long summer tour, I'm looking at ultrabooks like the XPS 9370 or the Yoga 920 (both are i7-8550u, 16GB RAM, Intel 620 graphics) and obviously this would be considerably less capable for rendering, but I'm wondering what kind of experience I'd see if I simply never, ever leave wireframe or Plan view? Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple, but how on earth do I change the font size for the dimensions that show the distance of each hoist from downstage centre?
  9. Hi folks, Maybe a silly question here... I'm trying to speed up the creation of multiple focus points. "Duplicate As Array" does exactly what I want, but then I've got to go through and rename each focus point one at a time. I'm wondering if there's a way to have the name of each object increment by one during duplication (or some other way). So, for example, if I create "focuspoint_01", ideally I would duplicate or rename it so that each new focus point was named "focuspoint_02", "focuspoint_03" and so on. Where this really kicked my butt this week was on a plot which required a pinspot on each of 50 banquet tables, arranged in a grid. Laying out the focus points was easy, but it's a serious PITA to go through renaming and assigning each one on its own. Is there a better method here that I haven't learned yet? Much appreciated! - GRAHAM ======================= VW 2010 Spotlight w/Renderworks MBP 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT Snow Leopard 10.6.3
  10. Hi folks, Maybe a dumb question here, I am in the early days with Renderworks 2010 and got caught up on one little thing: I've got a whole rig of conventionals, movers and LEDs built. Everything's working and rendering fine, beams, fog, gobos, light pools etc., the only thing I can't seem to do is view the light on the actual surface of my LED fixtures. That is to say, I get a beam off the fixture just fine, but can't seem to find the setting to show the glow of the fixture itself. I'm trying to demonstrate the idea of a matrix effect to a client and obviously the beams FROM the lights aren't much help. Am I overlooking something simple? Thanks, - G
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