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  1. Hi @SarahISO. I'm not sure what the nature of the symbols or plug-in objects are that you are reporting in the worksheet. Are they plug-in objects with inherent parameters/records already attached? Or are they basic symbols? The reason is that in order to add a column for notes, some sort of additional record format is needed beyond a basic symbol. If you are using basic symbols, you could create a very basic record to attach to them, with the field "Notes". Then in your worksheet you could add a column that reports the "notes" record field attached to the objects and edit it there. If these are plug-in objects, there may already be a notes or comment field to which to query and apply this information.
  2. Use the =COUNT formula in the database header for the column you want to add the quantity. Then you have to make sure that the box for sum items is checked. Also, be sure you are summarizing the column for symbol name. This will lump all of the similar objects together and add together their quantities. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks @Marissa Farrell. For the task I am attempting the corner points are definitely the most valuable...but the length and width will be important too. I think I'll have to wait for a better Get Rectangle node before going further with my task.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion @m.graf; however, I don't want to convert to Poly because I want the functionality of a rectangle...including the length and width parameters.
  5. Is there a marionette node that better pulls the true length, width, and reference point of a rotated rectangle? The basic one basically pull the bounding box dimensions of a rotated rectangle and not true length, width, or point of reference.
  6. Exactly...I actually use this one, but the point is the same...it would be awesome if Vectorworks had this capability natively.
  7. I also wish that the color picker could somehow select from screen values outside of the VW application. (i.e. pick up the color of a paint swatch in an internet browser).
  8. @Jim Smith Ditto, I would love to hear the factual science/reasoning behind this claim.
  9. I had almost made up my mind to go PC until they came out with the 16" MBP specs a few weeks ago...and without the gigantic price increase I was expecting.
  10. Thanks everyone for the input...I actually just got my new 16" MBP core i9 with the Radeon Pro 5550M 8 GB and tons of RAM...pretty excited!
  11. @Tamsin Slatter Is the Grade Tool any more responsive in VW2020? I haven't had the ability to test it much yet, but up until now it has been frustratingly slow and cumbersome to use. The functionality of linking them together is great, but it has previously come at a great expense of time. Additionally, as @steve d. points out, the tool is very local in its application...only working essentially along the thin vector it creates. There are no settings to widden its application, only the option to add duplicative grade objects (which results in further slow down).
  12. Thanks for validating this request. On large complicated irrgation systems this is a tremendous time sync. The way I see it, the functionality should be twofold: The ability to set up a default radius for pipe jumps. For example, when we manually drafted irrigation, we had a standard of a 9" radius pipe jump. If we could set a default of 9", and then adjust any that needed adjusting manually, it would be great. When manually resizing a pipe jump, there should also be an input radius dimension that would allow you to more accurately control those pipe jumps that need manual resizing. This should be a fairly simple addition. My other pipe jump request is a little more complicated, but the ability to set up some sort of rules. For example, we try to never have Mainline jump Laterals. It is always the other way around. Right now the software always jumps in order of drafting, which ever pipe was drafted first gets jumped by later pipe additions. Perhaps it could be possible to embed this in a rule or functionality that would make it so that laterals always jumped mainline unless overridden, regardless of which pipe was drawn first. @Bryan G.
  13. @Amorphous - Julian My intent was not to discourage you, although I get that way myself from time to time. We were just having these discussions the other day, and because we are landscape architects, we came to the conclusion that while VW is not perfect (for reasons stated here and in other various posts), it is still one if the best products for our profession and our workflow. It does allow us to do significantly more (efficiency may be in question) than tradition AutoCAD 2D drafting would. That said, I cannot speak to the architectural side of things as much. I know that there is more BIM competition in the architecture spectrum that may be worth investigating, but perhaps VW is still a path forward.
  14. @Amorphous - Julian I have noticed the same problems and I have been ringing the alarm bells about FLOORS in VW2019 now for awhile and to no avail...in fact I got a less than ideal answer from inside VW regarding their use. Before receiving this response I had been told on many occasions that VW was phasing out floors as archaic, so I guess this is their way of doing that...making them unusable. My whole take on this is one of extreme disappointment. For us there are no good, simple hybrid objects any more that we can use for easy hybrid 3D modeling, particularly for exterior paving improvements. Every other option comes with significant downsides, which is why we were still using floors. The unfortunate answer...don't use FLOORS any more.
  15. I find myself constantly switching between the different Display settings options to circumnavigate different operational issues I may be experiencing at any given time. It is strange that no option seems to be the best option.
  16. @Eric Gilbey, PLA @Vladislav Stanev @Tony Kostreski We need better control of our DWG export process from VW. In order to coordinate with almost everyone, we still rely on this process and unfortunately, it is an extremely time consuming process...both in Vectorworks and in AutoCAD to deliver a product that is acceptable. I have voiced several of these concerns in various topics/threads/forums before to no avail, so I am trying one last time! One thing in particular I am noticing now is that Hardscape objects become AutoCAD blocks, regardless of the export settings! This is BAD...very BAD. We need the ability to have clean, simple, traditional AutoCAD files with minimal time spent exploding and cleaning them up. Block objects are relatively useless to a consultant, who will completely disregard files we send if they have to spend too much time on them. Next. Even if I go through the process of EXPLODING the hardscape blocks in AutoCAD myself, the result is NINE (9) overlapping coincident objects! WHAT?!? This is horrendous! Even if I go through the OVERKILL command in AutoCAD to try and eliminate coincident objects, it will only delete (5) of the (9) overlapping polylines, leaving me with (4) redundant shapes and a pissed of consultant! I am sure these are the result of the SLAB sub-components being exported, but we need a way to ignore that and get simple 2D linework to export. One of the BIG challenges we now face with VW is what is the BEST hybrid geometry to use for exterior hardscape/paving/slabs? For a long time we used floors because they were simple and didn't have any of the issues mentioned above. Hardscapes, although they have made simple strides recently, have always had problems. Additionally they allowed us to manipulate 3D textures on the surface independently, very easily. Obviously, for complex grading scenarios they were ineffective, but for simple "flat world" 3D models, they were perfect...until 2019. VW destroyed FLOORS and their simplicity in 2019 and we have been forced to using Hardscapes. The problem, in addition to the aforementioned export problems, are Hardscape Styles SUCK - They don't act like other styles where, when edited from a central location (the Resource Manager), they should update globally...they don't. CANNOT manipulate 3D texture direction - Think of pavers. If you want to have a varied direction for paver patterns, perhaps following the longest edge or two linear patterns running perpindicular to one another, you cannot do it. It is impossible! 3D Textures sometimes just don't work. Matching properties to ones that do, recreating, editing styles or slab styles all fail to make textures even appear (wireframe) on hardscapes on occassion. I haven't been able to really dive into this specific problem because it happens at inopportune times Slab Styles will automatically switch or break from time to time and have to be manually reset on each object or use the match properties...this should be easily controlled By Style. I know you are making strides in the Hardscape object in VW2020 and I haven't had the chance to really test them yet, but I'm fairly certain that none of these issues have been resolved yet! THIS IS HUGE FOR US! Please find a way to fix these issues ASAP! We need a "Hardscape" tool and workflow that doesn't compromise our workflow...in any way, let alone in 4 or 5 different ways.
  17. Why, when using the extremely useful Publish Saved view to DWG option in the Publish settings is the option Export as flattened 2D graphics not available? This is extremely annoying and destroys the productivity of this functionality if ALL of the options traditionally associated with DWG exports are not available from the publish command.
  18. To my knowledge you can move plant database files from one USER folder to another, which would at least sync you short term. This isn't a real sustainable strategy, but may be useful in the short term. Instead, I still recommend WORKGROUP folders as the way to go to collectively manage the database...it just means that you have to coordinate its use a little better. One of the ways we have done this is to set aside time for plant database updates and the selection of "Favorites". We then have created Favorite resources files, complete with Plant Symbols pre-defined to specific plant records. These are symbols we use repeatedly. This has allowed our users to still select plants and actively plant projects without the need to spend time in the database. Just a thought.
  19. Hi @Sally yang...yes, unfortunately our experience is that the database, which should be a centrally managed resource capable of supporting multi-user environments, CANNOT be accessed by more than one user at a time. If you try, the second user attempting to open will likely be encountered with an error and potentially a crash. It can be stored and accessed by each user in the workgroup folder, which is what we do, but currently you have to coordinate its usage since it cannot be accessed by multiple users at the same time. We have an annoying standard in our office...whenever someone needs the plant database they should ask around the office to make sure no one else is using it. Not exactly the intent of true multi-user tools.
  20. I figured out a way to do the same on PC though... create a shortcut for the application to the desktop Edit the properties of the shortcut Choose Change Icon... Browse and load the .ico file of your choosing Thanks for the help...this works as a temp fix, but I hope VW takes this very minor request into consideration in future SP of 2020
  21. Thanks, but we use PC. Shouldn't have to customize an application's logo, but in the event the VW doesn't, I guess we don't have another option.
  22. Please make updates to the logo in the next service pack! For users still using the older versions of the software, this is essential in identifying which application is which.
  23. Thanks @RussU. This confirmed my fear about going Mac, but I will do some more research. My problem is that I already feel like I have been waiting for so long for the next best thing from Mac and I'm running out of time to wait. Part of me thinks that if they haven't devoted the resources to make these machines compete like they used to...they probably aren't going to start again soon. How long is too long to wait? Do you have any PC recommendations since you have made the switch?
  24. Most definitely, either directly through VW or others. We’re using Lumion in the office which I know won’t work on the Mac, so maybe Twinmotion or another competitive product. How does the Mac Radeon graphics card offering stack up against the NVidia options on PCs? Thanks for letting me know. I have a subscription so I should be good then? My current machine has performed so well that I am hoping to get another 8-year turnaround in my investment. I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking though?
  25. I consider myself to be a software geek, but when it comes to hardware...I am a complete novice. I am in the market for a new laptop and I need recommendations. I have been a Macbook Pro guy for years and am currently squeaking by with my mid-2010 model. Honestly it has been a great machine, but it's time has finally come. My quandry is that the new Macbook Pro's just don't seem to offer as much bang for the buck as the earlier models...especially when compared to the rise of other competitors. Apple doesn't seem to care as much about this line as they once did and I am not very impressed with the current lineup. I feel like I have been waiting for years for "the one" to be released and for Apple to get back on the ball, but I'm not sure if that day has come. That said, I have invested into the Apple ecosystem for years, and I don't know if the sacrifice in power, quality, etc. is completely worth entertaining a new PC. My usage is varied. I would love to support Vectorworks as efficiently as possible, but I also do a lot with the Adobe Suite, video editing, and audio editing. If I go Apple, what are the problems with Vectorworks and the Catalina OS release? Curious if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions? I would love to hear.
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