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  1. thanks for reply, the old reliable restart fixed it !
  2. subscription library seems to have disappeared from resources with SP2? or just me?
  3. hmm! maybe you need to do two roof faces? one with just the tiles and another with structure (clip this one to back to walls?) - not very helpful I'm afraid!
  4. adding a bound offset in the component settings should work - a minus value for the mineral wool etc , maybe a plus 10mm for the clay tiles. (main bound set to Roof Edge)
  5. can be purchased here: https://sites.fastspring.com/andreafacchinello/product/store
  6. definite purchase , well done Andrea. (should be default for a cad architecture program vectorworks?!..... along with the ability to drop same symbols into door architraves ...)
  7. needed a restart also ! installed now thanks
  8. when I click the dmg file , I get the Dropbox Installer window above with nothing in it. If i close this and check in finder , I see Vectorworks 2018 Installer mounted but nothing happens when i click icon.
  9. anyone on a imac 10.13 got this working? installer seems to open in a folder called dropbox installer and then nothing....
  10. ah, understood, I normally wouldn't go from C4D back to vectorworks for renders. My preferred method is to use a basic color in vectorworks for each material so I can isolate it quickly in C4D, ie <select texture tags of object> and change all materials at once to C4D one - I can't recommend Corona for C4d enough - really simple to use and good results, currently a free beta...
  11. this would be a great integration , https://www.allegorithmic.com/architecture , seems to be taking off in all render engines and I use it in C4D
  12. why?! Why?! WHY !!!!!!!! what benefit (purpose) do you get in going from C4D > Vectorworks with materials?
  13. that Archicad video is depressing to watch... ! While the yearly C4D ports to Vectorworks are nice , the bread and butter also needs constant attention - the first thing you use on each job .....windows, doors and stairs...
  14. why isn't foliage available in vectorworks architect?
  15. good source for Materials = https://www.poliigon.com/home , also I really would recommend substance https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-source , these can be plugged directly into C4D. quick tips = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CyUjCQAWw8&list=PLg8gGXlcb1Dq0xiJz9tfG49XwgKKpJZ-v there are a number of 3rd party render plugins for C4D - for arch viz I recommend Corona - currently a free beta - really easy to use , https://corona-renderer.com ,
  16. I'll give the solids a go, I was put off by the note below.....
  17. had a go at importing the following sink : https://bimobject.com/en/ceramica-catalano/product/catalano_basin_zero_100x50_cod_110ze00 in revit form. A mess, 2018 was really slow and unresponsive after importing + very , very slow to import also.
  18. Nice ! ...........just the new window and door tools to tease next week so!
  19. agreed, C4D integration with vectorworks works very well, once you get a system that works for you. GPU rendering coming to C4D in next release (September I think) http://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/software-technologies/radeon-pro-technologies/radeon-prorender
  20. Another option is the framing member tool, you can use custom profiles , is parametric so you don't get all those 'extrude along path' lines in plan view, does a mitred joint neatly. Bit more work involved than EAP but can be quicker for later alterations. they really need to update door tool with custom architrave profile option.
  21. The precipitation one doesn't seem to work with European Cities /Countries , all the others do? i.e., typing Rome in Temperature object works but not in precipitation....
  22. the bim object app is in the furniture/fixtures menu - you need to add it first with the customise tool. the sketch import was not worth it on the small test I did - the model came in as a messy wireframe symbol (uneditable), stayed wireframe in 3d also. probably just works on the few vectorworks models that were already on the bim object website.
  23. would be great if these could be saved as objects to the resource manager, not sure if they can be made into symbols and then 'unboxed' as needed?
  24. does the elevation of your layers effect web view? I am only getting the blue screening web browser with nothing in it?
  25. 2017, it seems to be the 1 file only, attached window from file that causes the crash, I also got this message when trying to save it. window.vwx
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