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  1. it would save me a lot of time not downloading screen recording software etc, if you could test it on Mojave !!!!! ?????
  2. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov here you go , as soon as I place the drawing label it will crash vectorworks (once I've okayed dialogue box) (in sheet layer annotations) vectorworks 2019, os 10.14.1 drawing_label.vwx
  3. on new and old files , I cannot edit or place new drawing labels on a sheet layer in annotations without getting beach ball of death..... Mojave related???
  4. ah, should have put the glasses on ! try the uk wall styles section in the content browser - might be something there ?
  5. try here: https://www.textures.com/search?q=osb
  6. interactive rendering.... you'll never go back !
  7. well, still a bit on topic?! €6k for a pro or €2k for C4D? (corona currently free as its in beta) I just imported the vectorworks file into C4D, this converts vectorworks materials to C4D materials. Changed the sun light to a corona sun/sky, changed the wall material, one of the chrome materials and the stone counters (they were very shiny when imported into C4d) , all the other materials are unchanged from vectorworks. (took a couple of minutes to do) Specified a 5min time limit in Corona and done... I like using renderworks in OpenGL to see how materials and lighting works in the design process etc ... but it can't compete with the dedicated render engines out there for speed/quality, I'd still like a iMac pro though myself!!!
  8. 2-3 days! What !! if you want realistic renders then you may want to consider a third party render option instead of an iMac pro. ie C4D and Corona Render? (cheaper also!) Below is image , modelled in vectorworks , exported to c4d and rendered in corona (1hr !) - you should also look at why render works is taking that long?!
  9. You can edit the section lines, location etc , probably need to add textures in viewport annotations to get what your after......
  10. famous last words but no problems so far!
  11. very jealous ..... why TF is this not available in europe (or elsewhere!)
  12. thought the new updater was good and worked well ! there is an option under advanced for offline update - maybe this gives a link to download.....
  13. UPDATE: best performance works also - just the middle setting makes it a mess..
  14. yes its High Sierra , changed setting to best compatibility only and this has stopped the black appearing.....
  15. can't see my own signature ? ! how to I change that? no its 2019 on an iMac 5k, 27" , 4.2 GHz i7, 40gb ram and radeon pro 575 4gb.... tried the same pdf in 2018 and it works fine... guessing a bug then...
  16. it was on good performance and compatibility already!!
  17. I've a pdf in a design layer, everytime I zoom in , it turns black for 1/2 secs before going back to white - Have I a setting wrong somewhere or a bug? (was hard to catch with a screenshot !)
  18. they've been very clear ....don't upgrade yet.....
  19. Looks like BIM in relation to Vectorworks means something different.... B(uild) I(t) M(anually) !!!
  20. very , very few, vectorworks files on BimObject (692 in total) , compared to about 80,000 for revit......
  21. think a 'to do' list is required 😀....... wishing doesn't do it anymore!!
  22. Hi Wes, solves the dimensions problem but my only issue with that is its not live , ie you have to copy the window to another layer each time you make a change to windows or elevations (defeats the purpose of BIM in the first place) If only they could make the image editable ....
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