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  1. I ran into the same problem, and my workaround is changing the custom boolean field "In Project" to the standard boolean "This Title Block Is Active". This field has a checkbox on OIP, so it's a little bit more convenient than going through "manage sheet data" to get to the custom fields. I don't use issue manager, so this approach is ok. Vectorworks should fix this problem though. What's the point of having custom fields if they don't work?
  2. Hi Alan, Thanks so much for sharing. The files are very helpful.
  3. Thanks to some text nodes by Pat and DomC, I finally got it to work. Thank you. I noticed that the file size increased dramatically. Each object added almost 1MB to the file size.
  4. Hi Pat. Thanks for answering my questions. I am glad that Marionette objects do not take much computing resources. We are a tiny office with five people. I am not so concerned about the integrity of the script, but people would be freaked out if they see the script (minor annoyance). I tried the symbol with link text to record. I was able to enter the data from the data tap on the OIP, but it stopped working for some reason. It also does not allow me to resize the frame. I would need to have one symbol for each configuration. I see that Marionette offers several advantages including taking scale and automatically increase drawing number from the project as you mentioned. Those are very cool features. I read a few threads on the forum and still haven't had a solid understanding of how it's implemented with auto coordination which is I am really after. If the drawing number is controlled by sheet annotation. Then my detail frame and info should also be on the sheet annotation. If that is the case how should I archive details and bring in details from past projects (detail library). Should I have two title symbols: one for sheet annotation with number and scale and the other one on the design layer with the drawing name only? I have to match them for every viewport.
  5. Thanks so much, Stephan and Pat for debugging the file. Putting in the escape characters in the wrapper worked great, but the characters also show in the OIP as 1\"=1'-0\" when I converted the wrapper to an object. As soon as I deleted the "\" the object disappeared. (build 393917) Going back to my second question, do you think there is a better way to make this symbol (not using Marionette)? My concerns are resource intensity and user access to the Marionette script. Thanks,
  6. I am trying to make a standard frame for our details that can change in width and height and still stay within the grid (1 square, 2 vertical squares, etc.), and allow input such as drawing number, name and scale. You can see it in the attached file what I am up to. I thought that I could do this with Marionette, so this is my first attempt. It worked for the most parts except when I added the line to display scale, it didn’t convert to an object node. My questions: What’s wrong with the “scale” line in this example? it stopped running when I put it in a wrapper. Am I using the right tool? the network seems complicated for something fairly simple. Would this make the file huge and slow down the computer if I have hundreds of them? I hope that it would behave like a symbol. Please advise if you can think of a better way. Thanks, Marionette_detail_title.vwx
  7. I got the link from Vectorworks.
  8. It's cumbersome, but the method below (from VW tech support) worked for me: When you open the 2017 file in 2018, click on the Title Block Border (Formerly Sheet Border), go to Object info palette (OIP) and click Update. That’s where you’ll probably see your Title Block Border shifted. In the OIP, click on the Style dropdown and choose Convert To Unstyled. Then click on Title Block Border Settings. In the Title Block Border Settings dialog, click on the Sheet Border option. Change all of the margins to 0. Then click OK. Title Block Border should then go back to it’s original position. You’ll want to save this as a Style to be able to use this on all of your sheets. To do this, go to OIP and choose New Plug-In Style From Unstyled Plug-In. You will then be able to use your custom Title Block Border as a style to be applied to all of your sheets. In order to apply the Title Block Border Style to multiple sheets, you’ll need to have a Title Block Border already applied on your sheets. If you haven’t updated the Title Block Borders you have on all of your sheets, make sure to do that first. Then go to Tools > Custom Modification. Set the criteria to be “Type” Is “Title Block Border”. Once you click OK, this will select all of the Title Block Borders in your file. In the Properties dialog, choose your Title Block Border Style and click OK to have it applied to all sheets.
  9. I had the drawing index set up similar to Andy's method and it worked perfectly on 2017. When we moved to 2018, it stopped working. The boolean field that controls the sheet appearance on the index disappeared. It took a while, but I figured out how to work around it. The project and sheet fields are now built-in, and they allow you to add any field under the new title block style window. So that's where the control boolean field should be instead of in the title block record format. The database header of the index also needs to be modified to point to the built-in sheet data instead of the old title block record. Hope this helps.
  10. I contacted VW tech support and they suggested that I should clear out the vw backup folder which in my case have lots of files. I haven't run into the problem again since then.
  11. Hi Alan, Do you mind updating the link? Thank you,
  12. One of my colleagues had the same problem. We have Vectorworks 2017 runs on El Capitan, and use a QNAP NAS as our server. Everyone has different login credentials. He has the vw backup folder intact. It doesn't happen with other programs. Thanks for your input.
  13. My office uses diamond shapes for windows IDs. Vectorworks only offers: hexagon, round and rectangular as bubble shapes. Is there a way to customize this list?


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