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  1. @ChristiaanI found a link on the forum when searching for door scheduals, but can't find it again now.....
  2. @elepp so the I just need the benlux version..... this would defiantly be something for the nordic countries! @Scott Campbell@Biplab@Jeffrey W Ouellette
  3. Excellent, this works! Exporting IFC with info, so this was a life saver. But just so Im not missing anything. "Atomatic" door schedules that I have seen in a Dutch YouTube video is not a reality yet in VW2022?
  4. Hi, Im making a door woorksheet and would like to have the IFC info from fire rating and acoustic rating. The info does not show in the worksheet, If I choose other things they do show up. Is this a bug? Attached IFC fire rating not showing and global ID showing.
  5. Thanks for adding me here GatRed, This is function we use a lot in my office so hope this will be fixed in the next SP. @Scott Campbell is my local distributor so adding you here 🙂
  6. Wes, Jim? Hope this is fixed in SP3!
  7. Hi, In 2019 the Object info palette automatically summed space objects that are marked. When you are sketcing and have the need to sum several spaces quickly not using a worksheet, this was much used feature in my office and are now missing in 2021. Is it coming? Bug?
  8. Here we go again. Trying to attach fire and acoustic rating to door style and get it to IFC. Seems very difficult. Followed my old recipe from 2015, but did not work this time. Any solutions out there? Getting really tiered of bad IFC capabilities..... VW 2018 SP6 mac @Jeffrey W Ouellette @gester
  9. 😭 but guess it does not help to cry.....
  10. Hi, After upgrading to Mojave the project I am working on have had an enormous increase in crashes. Also on just the simplest operations. Just choosing a different layer can cause the file to crash/lock. Trying to edit a title block causes the program to lock. We are now considering moving the project from 2018 to 2019. Just want to known if it's recommended to move a project from 2018 to 2019? What do we need to be aware of? The main file is an 190MB project sharing file. And we have a detail file that is 20MB also a project sharing file. We are also working in full BIM so if there is a chance that we will loose IFC tags on a lot of objects, its a bit of a problem. Will there be another SP for 2018 that will fix some of the compatibility problems with Mojave? Before upgrading to Mojave we did not have the same issues. There is a lot of frustration on using VW at the moment a specially with complex BIM. We are all pretty good VW users in the office and been happy with the program until this dark period with crashes an Mojave happened. It has come to the point that we are considering to change program. Ida
  11. Hi, We have upgraded to Mojave and started to have big issues with project sharing, VW 2018 SP6 The workaround is to work with regular VW files instead of project sharing. This is time consuming and really annoying when you are on deadlines. Ida
  12. Problems with record formats in title blocks. When we try to fill in new data the file craches every time. This happened after upgrade to Mojave. Bug? Mac OS Mojave VW 2018 SP6
  13. Found a work around, that is not obviously logical. Tried the old trick, cut, paste, but that did not work. But I flipped the ceiling grid and moved it back in place, and that worked, interesting.....
  14. Hi, Exporting ceiling grid to IFC and it moves randomly in the export, some don't move and others move what seems to be no particular distance from where they originally were. Any others experience the same issue? VW 2018 SP 6 on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
  15. Same thing has happened to me a couple of times, have to restart to get it back. Think I then was on SP4 not the same issue with SP5. But today however when I have made som new walltypes the program freezes. Aseptically when I write info in "Data" in "Edit style". When I have filled out the field "Description" I just get the spinning ball and have to force quit the program. Happened 8 times in a row or something. Now I have to save after every step I do....
  16. H Kevin, We updated a week ago when the "good news" came that we could use VW 2018 with Mojave. So its the newest version..... Sad to say its not working out so well. The rest of the office are not updating to Mojave. Ida
  17. Hi, A colleague has updated to Mojave and is working on 2018 SP5. She can no longer edit the title block. Our title blocks are symbols with record formats. When she tries to edit the file locks and she has to restart the program. The workaround is to put a white square over and write on top of it. Not a good solution in the long run. No one else have updated to Mojave because of all the issues she is experiencing. Most projects still run on 2018 not 2019. Ida
  18. Hi, Yes, my colleague found this link that explains it. For me it seemed to be logical that it was a wall and in Vectorworks its seemed to be a wall, so thats why I thought it was a bug. http://www.buildingsmart-tech.org/ifc/IFC2x3/TC1/html/ifcproductextension/lexical/ifccovering.htm
  19. Hi Mihail, The second one is the most important for our work. The first one we can achieve with workarounds. But I have stressed this issue, to our Norwegian distributer, Jim W, at the summit in Chicago and other VW people on several ocations. As I understood it the ceiling grid tool is an old tool that will probably not be developed further. As you see I started asking for this in 2015. It is something one can do in Revit and Archicad and its a really important feature for us. Since IFC is the main exchange for files and checking of instalations. If the ceiling grid could export like below to IFC that is what we are looking for.
  20. It seems to me when you use wall end cap on a wall it is still a wall in VW but becomes covering in Solibri.
  21. Yes, we use stories and assign them to layers. Location "Floor" is correct and shows the different stories right. Its only "federation floor" that is not logic. The issue might be that we are exporting from a reference file, since the contractor wants the building 1,52 degrees tilted and in the correct geo location. Everything else seems correct and there is no problems with hights or location. I just don't understand the feature "federation floor" and where in VW it comes from.
  22. The random is that in one export the federated floor was"Etasje 1" for all floors and in the next it was "Kjeller U1" for all floors without me changing any settings. Just trying to understand what Federation floor is connected to in the VW file. As I understood when I read about it its suppose to show native stories form Vectorworks, that is not the case now.
  23. This is good for grid lines, but not for a ceiling grid. Way to much workaround and to complicated, for our process 🙂 What we are looking for is to be abel to get the ceiling grid tool to go directly into IFC with a 600x600 or 1200x600 panels. To be able to control the placement of HVAC and electrical installations.
  24. Hi, Before we have had issues with the wall end cap to IFC. It has exported as "open sheets and not a solide wall into IFC. Then we did a work around to make it solide. In 2018 SP4 it export as solide, but its not a wall it export as covering not wall that is an issue for us. Is this fixed in 2019 or will there be another service pack on 2018?
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