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  1. PS - I realise now that, for classes, if use at creation is on for graphic attributes it overrides use Text Styles on Creation for line and fill colors. So I guess this is a feature in fact? To me it seems to not work as expected - I get the font but not the rest of the class style. I guess it is meant to be this way after all, but I would prefer if use text style actually did apply the text style on creation. Where I work we generally use text styles that are complementary to the class graphic attributes so that text stands out against the objects. It is useful to us to have different text styles and object styles in a single class. We normally only use a single font but different colors, so trying to do what I hoped does not work at all as the only thing left from use text styles on creation is the font (and text size) I understand now that this does not work in Vectorworks after all. Pity. Thanks for all the help.
  2. @Neil Barman yes that is what I am trying to accomplish - it doesn't seem to work for me. It seems to work for you! How? video attached. (In the video I select the Custom Text style, not the Class Text style, but it makes no difference - the point is that the text does not have the class text style applied "on creation" - that's the bit I don't get.) vwx_text_style_test.mp4 text-style-test-scratch.vwx
  3. @grant_pd yes that is what my post is about - selecting use on creation for text styles does not work as expected.
  4. @MullinRJ thank you. I will try your suggestions. As you say: Indeed! The general rule in our company is to usually keep all attributes by class on and use class attributes. To have to turn this off, to write some text, them back on again to continue drawing is not something my colleagues in-house will do, it is too disruptive to the everyday workflow. In that case it is easier & quicker to assign a text style after creating text. In practice, the way i see it, this means that the Use On Creation for Text Styles in the Class Settings Dialog is broken. Pity.
  5. Thank you - maybe talking at cross purposes here, or I may have misunderstood: I am saying that my lighting fixtures (& other objects) need to be assigned to a hanging position for organization reporting etc. EG. Unit Number / Hanging position - this is the set-up in spotlight. Are you saying I need to add a custom data tag to all my lighting fixtures? As I say - maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean? The nice thing about hanging positions is that you drag a lighting fixture on to it and it is automatically associated with it, and this shows up in the object info palette and the lighting fixture dialog. I don't really see how we can easily do without hanging positions ?
  6. @Peter Neufeld - has made good points above. Also, from a lighting design point of view, a single connected truss system may contain several hanging positions, as far as lighting is concerned. For example a simple "box" truss could be thought of as 4 lighting positions. - I don't know the best, or rather the easiest way, to deal with this in Vectorworks. Any thoughts?
  7. maybe someone from Vectorworks would like to comment? Is this a bug, or a feature? 😉
  8. PS - maybe the documentation for the purge tool could be updated to make it clearer that plugin objects/devices cannot be purged. Likewise maybe a note in the dialog would be helpful, as a reminder of the limitation.
  9. Thank you - that sounds like a good idea. If anyone out there has an example of a script that might help me achieve this it would be much appreciated 😉 but I will certainly have a go myself.
  10. Hi, I feel like I am missing something here: I have a class and I have a custom text style. In the class graphic attributes dialog I check Text Style use at creation ON and select my custom text style from the drop-down. In the drawing I set: make all attributes by class, in the attributes palette. I select the text tool and enter text - the text is <Un-Styled> - it is not set as <Class Text Style> as I would expect. It uses the class pen attributes, not the class text style. What am i doing wrong please? In the text tool dropdown there is no option for class text style, so I can't use that to set the text to use class text style. I'm so confused! Put another way: how to use the Use at Creation for Text Styles in Classes properly? Vectorworks 2020 SP 2.1 with Spotlight & Braceworks MacOS 10.15.3 (Catalina)
  11. PPS - to be fair the link above is a very old tutorial - maybe it should just be depreciated? On the new Vectorworks University site things are much better 🙂 However, interestingly, the Getting Started: Entertainment Design has a whole lesson on Hanging Positions "Hanging positions are an important part of the entertainment designer's workflow" https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=5&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=10 Just saying 😉
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