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  1. for those that are interested, and thanks for peoples input, we're getting somewhere with this! Ill post some results once the projects/clients/presentations allow Thanks a lot
  2. I'm still new to Vectorworks and trying to push our studios rendering quality One thing I'm struggling with is setting scenes for our exhibition stands, at the moment I render out .pngs and do the "setting of the scene in photoshop" this is especially difficult if our stands have glass that you can see right through the hall environment behind Please take a look at the attached image (this is not our work) I would like to achieve something like this but hopefully via renderworks backgrounds as opposed to geometry and slowing render times too much? but I'm struggling to create where the perspective will align and have a nice seamless fall off to the concrete floors. Does anyone have a workflow for something like this or is meddling the hall venue the only viable way Thanks in advance, Nathan
  3. @line-weight same scenario for me. I need the ability for two locations to work from home. I have a refurbished 5.1 at home but its getting old and I'm loathed to spend more money on it as its a mid 2010 when on paper at least the latest Macbook pro outperforms it in every-way. What I don't want to do is spend £3k on a laptop and find out that in 2-3 years its entirely unusable and has no expansion (thanks apple)
  4. Hopefully not hijacking @line-weight thread too much, thats very similar to the machine I'm looking at but hopefully going for the VEGA 20 card. something like a 7% cost increase for what seems to be a big jump in mobile graphic card performance. The Cinebench stuff doesn't mean a lot to me either just as long as its a high number compared to what you have or what else your looking at for the same £ i suppose its a useful gauge My day to day is exhibition design. See image of the type of thing and please excuse the render capabilities/quality (hence migration to vectorworks / C4D) the models are fairly simple and real world construction is predominately sheet materials and timbers so the level of detail in the model is more about getting these sorts of images out. appreciate that doesn't really describe my entire workflow but hopefully gives an idea; so in folks opinion, what i I would say on the simple to medium end of the complexity scale is a laptop viable for me? The thing that generally hampers models I currently work with is furniture imports form Autocad / 3dS. The final spanner in the works is our competitors are getting better and better with photorealistic renders and its the standard customers expect so we're also looking at C4D to be used pretty much just as a renderer once the subscription licences are available. My current idea would be to set it all up on the laptops and do the number crunching on a heavy spec PC (the new mac pro is just going to be way too much money) or use 3rd party service render farms. I don't really want to get into PC vs Mac debate re the laptop, I prefer the stability I have experiences with OSX and the rest of the team is already on Mac. I'm more looking for the experienced vectorworks communities validation of my thought process, unless I'm way wrong and need enlightening (hopefully answering @line-weight too) Thanks in advance
  5. I have pretty much the same conundrum coming from a background in FormZ on Refurbished Mac Pro 5.1 machines I had never really considered Laptops as viable machines for 3D work. However the new Macbook Pros seem powerful enough and I read good things about the VEGA graphics cards. But all things considered can a mobile set up be enough these days as a primary computer.
  6. I've spent the last 10 years using FormZ on refurbished Mac Pro 5.1's and its probably a bit old school thinking but I always thought I needed a desktop for work as laptops never seemed to handle the heat rendering. I'm moving to a new company and need to spec some new hardware. With the new MacPro been crazy money and the imac been a laptop inside I've been looking more at a Macbook pro as the portability would also be a great benefit. I have a could of questions though 1. These days is it really practical to work on a laptop - My industry is exhibitions so low to medium scale complexity - particularly rendering 2. Graphic card specs VEGA? Is there much of a real benefit to upgrading from the


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