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  1. Dave, Hi, thanks for your help. Having spent some time looking into the process for Visual Data Prep, I'd have to say that the way VWX is exporting to the .udatasmith file is very limited and does not make it easy to use the Dataprep automated options on account of it's naming / labeling of the component parts. There is no metadata that comes through from VWX to UE, such as VWX classes, Layers or object type (Wall, Shelving unit etc.) that would help group the meshes together easily, it's just the UE assigned ID#. Consequently you end up manually selecting and merging items, effectively going around the automating functions for Dataprep.
  2. I'd been looking at alot of the Unreal Engine Archviz tutorials, mostly centered around import from 3DS. https://learn.unrealengine.com/home/LearningPath/90586?r=False&ts=637516509308327332 I had been exporting VWX scenes as .dwg and using the Unreal Engine Beta plugin "Datasmith CAD Importer" to bring the scene into Unreal. The biggest issue was that all of the geometry was brought in as separate pieces, IE. a shelf created with VWX Shelving Unit tool would come in with all the shelves, side and rear pieces individually so in Unreal you'd have to select multiple meshes at the same time to move the single shelf unit. Using the new SP3 Datasmith exporter, looks to have exactly the same result, so a window, door, cabinet or any UNIT created by a VWX tool to act as a single unit in VWX, exports to the .udatasmith file and imports into Unreal as a collection of individual meshes. I had assumed that a VWX Datasmith pipeline would allow export / import of these units AS units, and have multiples of the same unit be recognized as instances which is what appears to happen with the 3DS Datasmith pipeline. https://learn.unrealengine.com/course/2436637/module/5375271?moduletoken=UHxxnDLPW8QKRagLoM92H41Ml3gdWXuCVq5HhTaJLjIgwKNffDOfVIj523as6Um9&LPId=90586 Does the VWX Datasmith pipeline do these things and I'm missing some procedure to get the functionality?
  3. Jim, Gottit. Thank you much.
  4. Hello all. Reading this thread, new to forum, so please excuse me if this is NOT the correct place to post. If not, please point me in the right direction. I have been using VWX Spotlight 2016 with SP4 (Build 315580) on a MacBook Pro and just shifted / added to MacPro Desktop running OS X 10.11.6 Looking to be able to have multiple project windows open simultaneously, which I'm unable to do currently. Set up the workspace to use 2 monitors: tool palettes docked to project window, so I assume that palette docking is enabled (and that single Application Mode or single window mode as mentioned by rDesign above) is / are active. I cannot find this option: Window > Palette Options > Palettes can dock to document window in the drop down menu. Cannot find a VWX preference in the Sessions tab or elsewhere for turning on or off Palette Docking. Could someone please help me finding access to this / these palette options and also access to the Single Application or Single Window mode(s). Many thanks.


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