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  1. Hi VW, Could you please develop a ramp tool that behaves like the stair tool (where one instance of a stair will appear on both its story layer and its target story layer) So the type of ramp I am thinking about is a vehicle ramp - the kind you'd find either in a multi story or basement carpark. This type of ramp typically has grade transitions and kerbs (so being able to use a component slab would enable this). Also agree with the comment above about Hardscape and Slab workflow. Perhaps Slab, Floors and Hardscapes could all become the one tool? thanks VW, also Live session was great.
  2. Hi, I tried inputing an Australian city in the OIP and it crashed VW. Is there a specific format for inputting the address? Thanks
  3. what if… (this may sound dumb(or be dumb!), so apologies in advance) say you wanted 3 decimal places. 1. multiply number by number of powers 2. covert to integer 3. convert to real number 4. divide by number of powers so, say 14.235678465…… x 1000 = 14235.678465…… convert to integer = 14235 convert to real number = 14235.0... /1000 = 14.235 a little bit clunkerty but...
  4. benAU

    Marionette UI

    A node search function would also be useful - it's not always obvious which category a node belongs.
  5. benAU

    how to set plane?

    humming along up here. doesn't seem to be a lot of us up here, but, their loss.
  6. benAU

    how to set plane?

    thanks to sarah and alan I want to be able to use the shape of an extruded object as a path in an extrude along a path. This is the same concept as the skylight object in tutorial 6, except that I want to house that shape in a wall, not a slab. So I think I need to set the working plane (to front view) and extrude a shape set to screen plane. Sarah's linear extrude may still be the answer, but not sure how you would extract the shape for the path? If this is correct then how to I set the working plane? test network attached
  7. Thanks Alan, worked our File Manager. Yes Marionette is annoyingly addictive. Someone made a comment a while back that productivity would dramatically decrease for a while as we all played with Marionette and Subdivision! I do however have a real application I can use Marionette for but it will take a while before I can make the network powerful enough to replace manual drafting. Now back to work!
  8. alternate network to resolve number of doors
  9. benAU

    how to set plane?

    Thanks for the replies. Linear Extrude sounds promising. Alan has the right question for me. Could the Set Plane node be used to set the working plane? If so the plane is set by a tuple. How do you input a tuple? Do you have to use in ordered list? edit.... just found the Matrix node in Math.... Getting closer!
  10. Hi I have have successfully used marionette to make a 2D parametric object and now would like to move onto a parametric 3D object. I want to be able to draw a shape in front view and extrude in that plane. That shape will then be used as a path to create a hole cutting object with a profile shape - similar to the example in tutorial 6. I cannot work out how to set the shape to a different plane (specifically, front view). Any helpers? Thanks
  11. First post on this board.... and a grumpy one... urrrrggggghhhhh! I am just transitioning to VW2012 sp5 from VW2010. We are Mac based. Simply... Anti-Aliasing in OpenGL does NOT work. I have just purchased a fully spec'ed up late 2012 iMc 27", so it has enough grunt, but anti-aliasing in OpenGL mode does Not work. It does not matter what you do to the settings. Every other render mode is able to be rendered with anti-aliasing, except the most useful render mode. I cannot believe that VW2012 was able to get to sp5 and this issue was not picked up and fixed.... this is fundamental.... I believe it was discovered as an issue in VW2010 and was fixed.... so how was it not discovered in VW2012???? I have tested this on three different Macs with the same result. Is anyone actually able to get OpenGL to render with anti-aliasing turned on? Thanks, and apologies for my bad mood on my first post.


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