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  1. Since I am typically involved in large scale architectural projects, an invaluable tool is the avility to mirror plans, elevations, etc. with the ability to have the text also mirror but keep the text in its "correct" reading format. That is, the word moves to the mirrored position, but it is not upside down or backwards. Autocad -- I hate to say it -- does this with the "mirrtext" command. Is there a way to do this in VW? This command alone has literally saved days of having to reenter the text when mirroring plans in high rise structures.
  2. Is there a way to "print selection" or sheet in VW without tiling? I need to run check-prints but none of my four printers have the "scale" selection that is shown in the manual. My largest paper size is 22x17 and it is a great size for checking drawings. I DO NOT WANT A TILED DRAWING.
  3. 1. "transparent" commands (as in Autocad) such as zooms. 2. Multiple views. 3. Simple "click" hatches. 4. Auto object-selection dimentioning. 5. LOCK/ANCHOR palettes.
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