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  1. as I said in my wish message, the JOIN command is cumbersome, in fact it blows. when I need to fillet a bunch of lines, it becomes VERY tedious.
  2. Is there a way to get dashed lines to have endpoints that converge without gaps?
  3. I wish you would let me fillet 0" like in AutoCAD. The join command is rather cumbersome.
  4. I'm now beginning to see the elegance of this software! BTW Thanks all! [This message has been edited by speed (edited 06-23-2000).]
  5. Is there a way to stretch (reshape) objects a specified distance.
  6. quote: Originally posted by doug shaffer: select all of the elements that you want to modify, then use the 2D reshape tool to make a marquee around them. this works similar to Microstations 'fence stretch' command. Brilliant!! Thanks X 1,000,000. Now how do I stretch a certain distance. It seems I can't unless I first draw a line in the location I want to stretch to?
  7. It would be nice if , when moving or copying an object, or set of objects, one could use a base point other than one on the selected objects as a reference point. i.e.: i have window in elevation a, need to copy it to elevation b using floor line/exterior wall line intersection as base point so that window ends up in exact same place in elevation b as elevation a.
  8. where is the stretch command?!! am i missing something, or does vw actually not have a stretch command? how could there not be a stretch command? HELP!!! [This message has been edited by speed (edited 06-20-2000).] [This message has been edited by speed (edited 06-20-2000).]
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