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  1. Thanks, I just missed that # column. Works great
  2. From VW 11.5 to 12 we seem to have lost the ability to stack/shuffle layers to move objects forward and back based on the layer list. Am I just missing something? The Layer+Class organization system doesn't work without it. Otherwise I like the new class/layer combination interface. Help. Comment. Fix.
  3. Apparently slowdowns that come in VW9 as tested by myself are "translation" problems (extreme slowdown when exiting symbols for instance). If I cannot Migrate our files successfully from 8.5.2 to 9.0.1 I cannot use VW9. We have many projects in many stages of design, some of which will not be complete for several years. The hundreds of sheets of dwgs that are being edited every day apparently have no use for an upgrade. The only way that I can verify that VW9 works for us is to test a set of "real" files with all the complexity and nuance of the way that our office works...where do I get one of those, created natively in VW9?? Obviously the only way to get such a file is to translate it from VW8... which decidedly does not work. It may seem like a short term problem that will eventually pass, therefore not deserving of attention, but that is a mistake. In a large architectural practice moving to new software (including a new version) that is not seemlessly translatable (backwards and forwards) is extremely difficult due to the staggering of projects, and if/when we do it likely won't be Vectorworks. Steve Keyser Associate Principal Koetter, Kim & Associates
  4. I thought I should add a little info since I have not received a response: VW 9 seems to have a crippling problem: When our existing files are translated over to VW9 and we enter a symbol to edit it then try to exit the symbol the computer pauses, regenerating?, for as much as 15 seconds before returning to the main file. This is like an eternity if you use symbols much. It takes less time to save the file than to exit a symbol, it seems like glitch. The files are large (6-8mb) mostly single scale, multi-layer, multi-class files with with hundreds of user-created simple symbols, many nested 2, 3 & 4 symbols deep. The files are being tested on a G4 450mz with 256mb ram, with Vectorworks memory allocation at 160mb. I haven't been able to duplicate the glitch in a small new file but have tested a variety of our large existing files all with similar results. Has anyone who has translated files from 8.5.x found a similar problem?
  5. Does Vectorworks 9 still support Artlantis rendering plugin? Is there a workaround to get VW9 to recognize it as there was with StataStudio? The plugin is in the plugins folder and recognized in the menu, But when the menu items are selected VW ignores them, ie. nothing happens.
  6. There is an apparent memory leak when exiting (some?) nested symbols. requiring a 5-10 second wait to regen. This is new to VW9. Am I imagining this? ANY FIXES?
  7. The lack of managable decimal place accuracy in vectorworks is a big crippling flaw. Angular drafting with .0000 level accuracy on a large (? 500' long) 1/8 scale plan yields an array of small dimensional errors, which those of us that must work with Autocad offices very miserable. Mixing rotated objects and snapped angular objects compounds the problem. Moving objects by polar coordinates (angle and distance) yields inconsistant results. Mixed scales an obvious problem, due to the way Vectorworks manages accuracy, crippling an otherwise good feature. Is Autodesk's viewport an impossible way for VW to head? We need assurance that VW is solving this problem, we don't want to give up on the other great features VW offers, but on this issue VW needs to join the Big Guys.
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