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  1. Brian I have tried closing the file first before exiting the program but still no luck. I will however try to quit all utilities ( eg. HP driver resources ) before exiting. I will try a few more things over the weekend. Thanks for your help PAUL
  2. Thanks Janice for your detailed help. It works perfectly and sure is an impressive utility when your facing sheets of electrical schedule. Thanks again PAUL
  3. Hi recently the only way i can exit VW 8.5.1 ON NT4 is by ending task. If i choose file - quit the drawing window closes but the program will not. It freezes and the only way i can get rid of the program is by Task manager & end task. Has anyone gotten around this problem. System = VW 8,5.1 on Compaq with 64ram & nt4 ( sp 5 ). Any suggestions appreciated PAUL
  4. Hi is there a quick way of getting the number / quantity of a type of symbol in a drawing. I have finished an electrical layout and now want to put the quantities of sockets etc. into a schedule. Any help greatly appreciated PAUL
  5. since the bulletin hosting moved to nemetschek there seems to a lot less postings in the general discussion section. 1-2 new per day for the last few days. I wonder why this is?? PAUL
  6. Hi I need to take a block of text and squash it on the x axis. In other words asymmetrically scale it perhaps x = .4 & y=1 Can this be done ? The application for this is some slanted signage in elevation etc. Any help appreciated PAUL -- Please return or direct all mail to oscarch@iol.ie
  7. i receive all tha mail but how do i send one of my own to everybody. PAUL
  8. A g3 running VW 8 in our office when printing a drawing to A3 printer or plotting a page eg. print page 3 of 3 , when the plot is sending, the screen view zooms in and a thick black line appears. When this happens that sheet will print out blank. This problem crops up every couple of prints no matter what sheet size or plotter chosen. Any ideas
  9. I had posted some queries on this printer in bulletin board over tha lst few weeks and with some positive feedback along with research I bought this printer. I run it on a 200 pentium pro PC with VW 8.5.1 and 64 mb ram. An A3 architectural site plan with quite a few symbols and trees etc ( approx 5mb plot size ) prints in less than 5 minutes. The quality is excellent and to be honest on ordinary plain paper is 90% laser quality. Its quiet and fast and very, very crisp especially with line drawings. I wonder would a bullet board category on hardware reviews be useful as its very difficult to find reviews of say printers from real people who own one and use Vectorworks PAUL
  10. It would be great if in VW you could select a folder containing many VW files and run a purge command where each file is purged without being open individually. This would be most useful for archiving and quickly saving HD space on servers. This command exists in Microstation and is called " compress directories ".
  11. I'm running VW8.5.2 on G4 350 with OS 8.6 I dont have many problems with VW now. Our office has just gotten a copy of OS 9. Should I upgrade? as I have searched the database for problems with OS 9 & VW and there are varying opinions. Am I asking for trouble or has patches been found since those os9 Q&A on BB pages 2-3. Thanks PAUL
  12. One of the most useful shortcuts in VW 8.5 is the "x" key which throws you back to the previous tool command. It no longer works on my g4 with VW 8.5.2. Where can i enable it again? Any ideas appreciated
  13. I am currently trying to free up space on our server. ( all apple office ) Like in microstation ( compress directory ) is it possible to have a folder with say 10 VW files and do a group purge where each file is purged without having to open each one and carry out the task. Any ideas appreciated ! PAUL
  14. Thanks Greg Does the printers 8 ram seem to take all the print file leaving you to work away on your PC while the printing carries on in the background? My A3 drawings are typically about 2 - 5 mb in size.Are these file sizes similar to your own. Thanks PAUL
  15. does anybody have this printer and if so is it fast and are you happy with it ?
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