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  1. There was a discussion a while ago about numbering instruments on a circle and there wasn't any really good solution, so I am thinking there isn't for what you want.
  2. Katie, I brought this up a while ago. The log-in does not work with autofill in Netscape. If I click fill, it fills in the fields correctly and then I have to click the board log-in. If I click "fill and submitt" it fills in correctly then give me a message that I didn't log in correctly. THIS IS THE ONLY program that does not work with autoFill on my computer and I have at least 36 autofills working. Too bad it didn't get fixed with the new board.
  3. Got it Thanks a collective HOORAY!!!! From 90 kids
  4. "To change the color permanently, open the library file, edit the symbol, save the library file. Now, every new instance of that symbol, when pulled from the library, will reflect those made changes. " Katie, Sorry I can't figure out how to do this. I tried VW help but didn't find anything about this.
  5. What version of VW? What system are you running, Ram, processor, Etc. Need more details to give you any help
  6. I did - in 3 parts. My question was - is there a limit on the amount of text we can import at one time and why VW was carshing instead of saying "You can't do this"
  7. It is one page of text. Nothing special in the formating. I just opend a page in Word, wrote the info, and tried to copy and paste it. I will email you the page tonight.
  8. Post 77493 - everything seems to be in order. I tried a blank document - same problem. If I only copy and paste part of the document at at time it will insert fine, if I try the whole page it crashes with this mseeage - "VectorWorks has encountered a problem and needs to close...."
  9. Is there a limit to the amount of text you can copy and paste into VW? I am trying to paste a block of text into VW Spotlight and it keeps crashing.
  10. I can't find anything in the OIP settings for color.
  11. Jim_Allen


    Is there a way to alter the color &/or texture of the stock funiture that comes with the Scenic Elements in VW? My kids really hate the pink dresser they have been using for their projects.
  12. Ok. Cannot find a way to edit the symbol in the Resouce Browser - Missing something.
  13. I put a base plot on each computer as a starter for them. They then save it as their own, on that computer and start the assignment. It seems to have slowed down, but 2 closed yesterday, and a couple the day before. This is the only program and file they are working on at this time. I have 8 computers running VW - so I don't know which tool each was using at the time the program closed, but I would suspect that they were using several different ones. Different issue, maybe: I am also getting a message that pops up sometimes that the computer cannot find a dongle with a valid serial number, then opens a window that allows me to select a serial number, and keep the program open???
  14. Click on the arrow next to "Resources" in the Resource Browser. Then go to Show and choose "textures" so there's a check mark next to the word. That was it MY KIDS THANK YOU !!!!!
  15. I went to import texture files from the VW Library into my RB and all the textures are blank????
  16. They were drafting their sets. nothing exceptiona - walls, furniture,etc. I will try turning off the autosave But if that is the problem why don't I have the same issue with my stand alone copy on my laptop???
  17. I have had 4 different computers in my lab that have had VW just shut down, no message, nothing, just quit, and go back to the desktop. My kids are about to riot. HELP
  18. I was told by tech support that the server and other machines had to be on the same subnet. That was one of the first thing they had me check when I couldn't get my lab computers to find the server. ??????
  19. I AGREE. The information provided with the disk is VERY lacking in good instructions on how to deal with installation, installation problems, and how to identify what is wrong. Took me weeks of phone calls to VW tech, and visits by my tech people to figure out why VW wouldn't work on our network. The final response from VW tech was that my lab was a "very unusual" situation. I still don't understand why.
  20. I guess I didn't wait long enough - it took 22 minutes to do its thing
  21. Katie, I don't get any message. After I draw the section line I get the: Create Setion Viewport window - I accept the default settings and click OK and I get the: New Sheet Layer window - I name it VP and Click OK. The window dissapears and I get the hourglass and the program has crashed. I have to go to the task manager and force close the program. I am in the "top/plan" view Jim
  22. I have been trying to create a section viewport. I have followed the directions in VW help and VW crashes. I have tried this 4 times. I have Spotlight/Renderworks. Any suggestions??
  23. thanks Katie, that was it.
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