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  1. In honor of Comicon, you guys are all Super Heroes!!! Thank you so much for the swift responses. It’s funny, even though I know how Sheet Layers and Design Layers are supposed to work, I’ve never had this issue before because until VW2015 everything on my Design Layer were View Ports. With VW2015, the Instrument Schedule tool was so good that I haven’t found the need to make many changes to my instrument schedules and thus don’t have them on a separate View Port … so this caught me off guard and frustrated the heck out of me! So thanks guys. Pat, I had started doing #2 after Josh’s suggestion, but I like your #3 a lot as well!!! Thanks. Thank you ALL for your help!
  2. Thanks Jim and Josh, I guess it makes a little more sense now ... especially Josh's suggestion that I should just keep my title block on a class that's always visible. Truth be told, there's no reason for that class to not always be visible since the only content is actually created directly on the sheet layer. Thanks guys
  3. Hi Jim, I forgot to mention that I am using VW2015 with SP4. That being said, I don't see the option you are talking about. I understand that Sheet Layers can't control class visibility, but something is telling the Sheet Layer to that when every I come back from a saved view with that class off, it should stay off in the Sheet Layer view. Does this make sense? I know that my explanation doesn't sound that clear, but that's the best I think I can do. I've attached a screen shot of the Organization window to kind of explain (better I hope) what I'm talking about. In the saved view titled "Plot View - W/set," I don't want the Class titled "Title Block" on (which it's not). Whenever I go back to the my "Plot View - W/set" saved view and then go back to any of my Sheet Layers from this saved view, the "Title Block" class is turned off again. Does this make sense what what I'm saying? Thanks
  4. O.k., I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I know I'm missing something simple and it's been an hour and a half and I have to have this plot done today, so I figured I'd get some help before I go insane. So this is the problem. I have my plot finished, my instrument key is on a Class Called "Title Block." The instrument key is created directly on the Sheet Layer with my final plot. Every time I go back to a saved view that does not have the the Class called "Title Block" visible and go back to my final plot sheet layer I have to keep re-enabling the Class titled "Title Block." Where am I going wrong? I even have a view port with a "Typical" instrument layout that is on that same Class (called "Title Bock") and that doesn't show up either unless I go back and re-enable the visibility for that Class. So the Sheet Layer is turning off the visibility for my Class called "Title Block." How do I tell the Sheet Layer that this Class is supposed to be visible (in that Sheet Layer, but not the other views). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Mr. Shelly, Thank you so much for the response ... and in doing so I instantly recognized what I was doing wrong (I hate when I post a question and then realize that the answer was staring me directly in the face!). What I was doing incorrectly to start was that I was inserting the 2D title block in my "Sheet Layer" not my "Design Layer," thus causing the scale of the title block to be out of whack ... after correcting that problem I then used the title block as a 2D element. Regarding my statement "use them as a title block, or would i have to create a 'custom title block'" The 1st part was referring to whether or not I could use the "Sheet Border" tool with the FT Title Blocks, which I now know you can't, so the 2nd part of the question should have read; "can I then convert the FT Title Blocks into a "custom title blocks" that I can use with the "Sheet Border" tool and the "object Info Palette?". This would lead to the print boundary part of the question, which is a reference to how Nemetschek recommends that you create a "custom title block" to interact Object Info Palette http://download2.nemetschek.net/TechTips/Custom_Title_Block/Custom_Title_Block.html. In the video they recommend that you set the scale to 1:1 and then set the page boundary to the size you normally print at (36x24) ... this is where I run into the problem since I'm not building a title block from scratch but using the 2D insertion tool to insert the FT title block. When I do this the FT title block is the wrong scale ... Anyway, I guess you might asking why go through all this trouble when I could just insert the title block as a 2D element in my drawing and be done with it ... the only answer is that I like a challenge ... Hope all that wasn't too confusing and thank you for a FABULOUS product!
  6. So I just recently purchased the Soft Symbol V3 for Vectorworks 2010 and I was trying to use the title blocks (in the 2D Draft folder) ... but I'm having a bit of a time using these ... are they just 2D images or can they be used as actual records ... i.e. can I use them as a title block or would I have to create a "custom title block" using one (or all) of them as a template. If that's the case, then what size do I set the print boundary to? If I use US Arch D the title block is twice as large as the page and then I'm going to have to edit each component individually. Any of this making any sense? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Thanks, glad I was able to "Beta" test the Student Version :-)
  8. 5th Answer: None of the video tools show up under either view ... I have attached 3 photos showing the sections they should be in (B - Blended Screen, V- Video Screen, and T - Television as well "Recent Changes")
  9. Kevin, I am no longer using the Student Version, I am using a full/boxed version.
  10. Hi Andrew, Thank you SO MUCH for your response. To answer your questions: 1) No I did not create User Folders for VW2010 (at least not that I know of). 2) Both were/are the full Designer package (with architect, designer, fundamentals, landmark, machine design & spotlight). 3) Yes I am using the stock workspace. 4) They tried to, but we noticed that the none of the 3 plug-ins were showing up under the spotlight drop down in the "workspace editor" (see attached file ... I've also attached a 2nd file showing that the plug-ins are there) Where do we go from here ...
  11. Installed 2010 and have been trying to use the "Video Screen" tool (as well as the Television & Blended Screen tools) to no avail. Every time I select one I get the following: "The Plug-in tool "Television" [Video Screen, Blended Screen] could not be selected. Check to make sure it is in you "Plug-ins" folder." This has been going since Friday when I was previewing the "student" version. I received my boxed version today, deleted the previous version of VW2010 as well as ALL the user preferences and ALL Application supports to avail. I have used a different user account and the problem is still there. I went to try it on my home machine, but alas, VW2010 does not support the PowerPC chip set. Does anyone have any solutions? Tech Support did say that if the problem was still there I should call them back, but considering it's 7:03 EST I will have to wait until tomorrow, so I was just putting it out there. I am running VW2010 on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.5.8. My version of (as stated before) VW2010 (Build 112199) Any suggestion would be very welcomed, but take in mind that I have already un-installed and re-installed the program 3 times, deleted all user preferences and application support files (3 times as well). Used a different user, and changed the "Sharing & Permission" options as well ... all to no avail. I need to set up a video screen for one of the the projects I am currently working on so would like to get this working. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Thanks folks, It turns out that there was no 3D information (I imagine) because when I told VW to import both 2D & 3D information it returned only 2D information. Oh well, guess I will have to create it from scratch. Thanks ... just curious, is there anyway to use or combine there section view with mine? Or to drop my instruments in their section view in either an Isometric view or Section view? Thanks.
  13. When you import an AutoCAD or DWG file into VW does VW keep the 3D data? The reason I ask is because I am using VW12.5 and got the plans for the space I am supposed to be working in from the architects which were in DWG format ... that's fine except when I go to create a section view and every thing that was imported was all 2D. I have never used AutoCAD before and fortunately (in my short time) all the files that I have received from designer and other folks have all been VW files or I have created the plan from scratch. However I have to assume that the plans were created with corresponding 3D information as they supplied a "section" view with the files I received. I really don't want to have to trace the plan as I would rather not waste time on it. Is there any why I can get the 3D information (if any) from the DWG file or can I merge the section view that they supplied with my section view from VW? Thank in advance for the help
  14. Thank you Michael ... it worked ... p.s. you're right about the "curved lighting position" tool ... I was just frustrated and was wishing that there was a generic "curved position" Thanks again.
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