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  1. There is an updated plugin from Abvent v10.0.3 that works fine with VW10.5 Dave
  2. Go to the Oranize menu > Scripts > Create Plug-In... Find the Square Tube PIO and edit the parameter for size. Dave
  3. If your referring to a layerlink , where different layers are combine to create a model of all the choosen layers, simply go to the layer that has the layerlinked model on it, select the model, unlock it and delete it. The original layers remain untouched. Just make sure your only selecting and deleting the linked model. Get info about what you have selected, on the object info palette before deleting.
  4. I wish you guys would change the way symbols can be viewed. When "View as" is set to "Thumbnails" unless the names of your symbols are all really short their full names can't be seen. I also wish there would be a single column rather then thumbnails side by side if you choose. When viewing as "List" it's too easy to accidently change the name of a symbol too. What would be best if you could see a thumbnail with the name to the right of it, much like when you do a symbol replace, except insert the thumbnail. I would get rid of "Find resources on Disk". I've use VW 's for 10 years and have yet to use it. It also seems dated since the only thing you can now do in this resource browser is add favorite files.
  5. Vectorscript lacks a call to get the "Z Insertion Point" of 3d symbols and PIO's. Adding something like: Get3dSymLoc(symHd:HANDLE; VAR pX, pY:REAL,pZ:REAL):BOOLEAN; would be great help and remove another Vectorscript limitation. If the Z insertion point of a symbol or PIO is not zero you have no way of calculating it. Many of my objects are not created with the Z insertion point at zero because it makes them easier to draw and align with other objects. It may be the intent of NNA to have their users create objects with an insertion point of zero, but it's just not what's happening. Thanks Dave
  6. Yes you can. If your getting errors check some of the following: Make sure the parameter fields have valid starting values and none are left blank. Make sure the variable types your declaring in your script match the parameter type. Your problem is something like that. Also to maybe help you determine the problem. Add {$DEBUG} above Procedure in your script. Dave
  7. You won't be able to use CallTool on the Revision Cloud tool because it's a Plug-in not a core tool. Your only real solution is to write your own Revision Cloud tool script for what you want to do. Dave
  8. Purge Unused Objects... is a change to a document but doesn't register as one. The last thing I do when finishing a project is purge unused objects, but then I need to go and do something in the drawing itself so the "Save" command works. Seems silly to me to have to do that. Also the PUO needs a progress bar or something to tell you that it's working, right now all that happens is the middle of your drawing pad doesn't redraw until it's done. I requested this years ago, and no one can tell me that's too hard to add to the command.
  9. It would nice to see a more explainatory button for PIO preferences instead of the default PIO icon on the button. When creating PIO's for many people they often have no clue that the preferences can be set in the mode bar. The button should say something like "Object Preferences", there's plenty of room on the mode bar.
  10. It sure would be nice to see light objects have non scaling icons and more accurate handles. Handles on symbols with light objects are especially annoying, theres a bounding box around what seems to be nothing but space and that makes selecting these symbols a pain. You can still show the cone of light, but it doesn't need to affect the handles. Handles and bounding boxes for symbols with lights should be the same as if there were no lights within the symbol. This would make lights a lot more user friendly. Thanks
  11. There's no way to completely automate it. I've looked at doing this myself a while back. You can however automate quicktime movie creation. You would think there would be a way to automate single image creation as well. We export thumbnails of all our jobs the hard way... NNA, how about adding the calls we need to output images file using Vectorscript. [ 01-17-2003, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  12. Improvements to "Trace Bitmap..." would be another helpful one. Rather than converting only to lines, how about if "Trace Bitmap..." would give you the option to convert to Polygons or polylines instead. Everything that I trace I have to convert to polygon or polylines. Again this would make this command alot more useful and would save us exhibit designers hours of clean up and convertion work. Thanks [ 01-13-2003, 12:52 AM: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  13. Another one which would be nice is changing the eps import altogether. Rather then placing an eps file in the document which I find pretty useless, would be to convert the vector artwork to VectorWorks objects such as lines and polylines. (almost seems ironic, VectorWorks can't import vector artwork) It would be very useful to be able to take a clients logo and simply import it in so I can extrude it and do something creative with it. Also I have taught countless people VectorWorks and this is one of the first things they ask about doing. This would be very helpful to the exhibit design industry. Thanks
  14. Long overdue is an upgrade to "Convert To Polygons" . Every release I wait to see if "Convert To Polygons" is improved and isn't. It would be nice if "Convert To Polygons" did a better job. If I convert a cube to polygons, when done, it would be nice to have 6 polygons 1 for each face.and that's all, instead of a bunch of lines and polygons which is just a mess to deal with. Also the option to only end up with the polygons that are seen, i.e delete the back and bottom polygons of the cube. For me a "Convert To Polygons" that works the way you would expect, would save me and my detailers hours a day in clean up nonsense. It would also help a great deal when exporting eps files. The files would be much smaller and the guy receiving the file won't be complaining either. Better convertion would also make the new option gradient worth using. Another benefit would be printing, less stuff to send to the rip, which means, less of a chance of choking the spool because of a lot of extra garbage it doen't need. Thanks [ 01-13-2003, 12:37 AM: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  15. The Smoothing Angle is a long overdue feature and I'm very glad to see it, however it needs improvements to be truely useful. The smoothing angle often removes segment lines on objects when it shouldn't, this is especially true when you "Convert to Lines"'on an unlocked "LayerLink". Often when objects are stacked on top of each other and their edges are aligned, the lines that should be between the two object are removed so now it loks like there's one object. After doing a convert to lines on a drawing you spend a ton of time fixing all the lines removed that should haven't have been.
  16. Looks good for your first PIO script. To clean the screen up after the execution of a PIO add SetZoom(GetZoom); after Dselectall; There is also redraw; (For the last created object in VS) and redrawall; (For redrawing all objects on screen), but these commands work well for other types of scripts but not as well for PIO's. Dave
  17. Jason, Getting a handle to a clipped object does work the way you would think it does, although it seems it should. Here's an example of how it can be done. Fuge {--------------------- VectorScript ---------------------------} Procedure ClipObject; BEGIN { * Original Rectangle * } Rect(2",1",-2",-1"); {* First Rectangle/ Hole *} Rect(1/4",1/4",-1/4",-1/4"); ClipSurface(PrevSObj(LSActLayer),LSActLayer); DelObject(LSActLayer); {* Second Rectangle/ Hole *} Rect(-3/4",1/4",-1 1/4",-1/4"); ClipSurface(PrevSObj(LSActLayer),LSActLayer); DelObject(LSActLayer); {* Third Rectangle/ Hole *} Rect(3/4",1/4",1 1/4",-1/4"); ClipSurface(PrevSObj(LSActLayer),LSActLayer); DelObject(LSActLayer); END; RUN (ClipObject); {--------------------- VectorScript ---------------------------}
  18. If I understand you correctly you can move all objects attached to a particular class to the front on any or all layers. Basically your script would have to: 1. Go to the first layer in your document. 2, Select all object attached to the class to process, maybe use DSelectAll; SelectObj((C='theclassname')); 3. Cycle through each selected object and use HMoveForward(); to move everything forward. 4. Deselect everything on the layer. 5. Go to the next layer and repeat the process until all layers are done. You wouldn't have to toggle layer visibility or anything like that, just go to each layer and process the objects. Writing this script wouldn't be too hard. HTH Dave
  19. Merging all resources back into 1 palette again is all fine and dandy, but taking things away is a bad move. I have well over 100 encrypted .xxt vectorscript files that I use to be able to run from "Resources" palette, now I have to run them from File ->Import --> Import VectorScript... which is a pain. On Windows the scripts don't run any longer, on Mac they're fine. Also saying "Files and Folders" at the top of this new "Resource Browser" is misleading I keep looking to add folders from the pop up menu but you can't add any. The icons in this new "Resource Browser" look pretty but I much rather have the buttons to the side like in the old "Resources" palette. Going to a new pop up menu is not as user friendly. For new users (and I'm not new) it's just another thing buried in the program when it use to be right up front. Things need to be made easier not harder. Fuge [ 10-18-2002, 03:35 PM: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  20. Fuge

    VW 10

    Interesting reading the response to VW 10. As a long time user of MC/VW's "version 10" should have been bigger. Supporting nearly 20 users in house alone it's extremely hard to justify upgrading from 9.5 to 10 due to the short list of new features along with the big price. We should not have to pay for an upgrade for stability, that should be a given. It sure would have been easier if the upgrade price was different for 9.x.x users then for 8.x.x users. Pricing should have been scaled. This release is meant to attract all the v8 users who did not upgrade to v9. Now it won't be until v11 before the v9 users upgrade again. As a v9 user it sure was nice getting the 3d powerpak, but I'm affraid it's now hurt getting v9 users to jump to v10. Fuge [ 09-24-2002, 02:02 PM: Message edited by: Fuge ]
  21. Open Database Connectivity. A way of passing data between two programs.With it you could connect VectorWorks to a database program.
  22. look for a typo in one of your fields,such as a space before or after the deflault value.
  23. Fuge

    Script Editor

    Jeff, thanks for resize window feature. The Script Editor does seem to only act funny after hitting the compile button, but it is still random even if my script produces no errors. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it stops taking input after a few characters sometimes after many characters. I notice copy and paste also breaks when this happens. Dave
  24. Fuge

    Script Editor

    Yes, I see the same behavior. You start typing a line of script only to realize nothing was actually done. It just stops randomly. very annoying. MAC OX VW9.5.2 Also I'd like to know if and when the script editor window will be fixed or changed to remember the size you left it when you last closed it, rather then reverting back to its small unfriendly size. I know you engineers at NNA are busy, but I remember, I believe it was Jeff Koppi replying on the VS list that the resize issue would be addressed well over a year ago. Is that such a big issue to fix or change? Can we see this change sometime soon, I think we've been more than patient.
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