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  1. Raymond, thanks very much. it works, AND makes sense. -jason
  2. Fuge, thank you for your time and interest. I should have been more specific with my problem. what i'd like to be able to do is: PROCEDURE Notcher; VAR hl,hr,hn:HANDLE; BEGIN Rect(0,2,2,0); {*first rectangle*} h1:=lnewobj; Rect(3,2,5,0); {*SECOND rectangle*} hr:=lnewobj; Rect(1.5,2,3.5,1.5); {*Clipper*} hn:=lnewobj; clipsurface(h1,hn); clipsurface(hr,hn); Rect(1.5,1,3.5,0); {*next clipper*} hn:=lnewobj; clipsurface(hl,hn); here depending on which system i use it either crashes all the way out of vectorworks, or ignores the command. the reason i want to do it this way is the above structure works perfectly in 3d using subtractsolid as long as long as the "clippers" are redrawn after subtraction. I was hoping to insert the 2d operations in with the 3d, and be done!! oh well! i'm 80% done with the 2d cutting using a structure that looks a lot like yours. thanks, -jason
  3. it looks like you've gotten all your answers except reagrding pop-up menus. when a choice item is selected from either a pop-up, or radio buttons it returns the value into the script as a STRING variable. this can then be used to define other parameters through a conditional statement. if the actual STRING/TEXT isn't what you are after. example. where Choice is the name of your pop-up field: and on is a BOOLEAN. IF PChoice ='Pick Me' THEN on:=TRUE ELSE on:=FALSE hope this helps. also, when Vectorworks 8.5 came out it came with a great book called "Custom Solutions in Vectorworks" if you can track down one of these copies I think you will find it useful. -jason
  4. it seems impossible to use clip surface on the same object twice within a script. this procedure produces no new handle for the cipped surface to be clipped again. has anybody had/solved this problem. -jason
  5. use h:=LNewObj; to get the handle of the most recently craeted object. look in you vectorscript function reference: Document/List handling for like functions. if you are doing kitchens i would use the NameClass function inside your script. this will both create and assign a class to all following objects until you've named another class. this way you can manipulate colors, line weights outside of the script. i think you'll find this more flexible. -jason
  6. i have a 3d PIO with a considerable number of subtractsolids. i'd like to be able to generate 2d polys from these solids for the 2d portion of the PIO, rather then generate new 2d polys and go through clipping the surfaces. using the "convert to polygons" from the "Do Menu By Text" creates a series of dialog boxes which annoy my client and myself to no end. i'm prepared to identify all the appropriate 3d vertices and generate 2d polys from them, but was wondering if somebody had a better idea. thanks, -jason
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