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  1. Katie, With all due respect, isn't it the job of the software vendor to coordinate their releases, updates, and so forth with Apple regarding releases of OS upgrades? Panther is set to be released in three days. Should we expect a patch from Vectorworks which solves these printing problems soon? I would hate to think that those of us who use MACs, and tout the capabilities of both Vectorworks and OS X (to our PC using friends), should have to make excuses for why we can't print, or make proper IFF images or any number of other problems. I appreciate your prompt response to the previous post.
  2. Non-postscript printers such as the HP 5000 and HP 8550 cannot print out of VectorWorks under 10.3. Much like the Postscript printers, attempting to print to these printers causes Vectorworks to crash every time. G4 Powerbook 800M RAM OS X 10.3 Vectorworks 10.5.0 This is a huge problem.
  3. When selecting multiple files from the Finder and then selecting open (command-O) the files open in Vectorworks, but the program never recognizes which one is in front. You have to minimize the documents and then bring them back again to get VW to notice them. It's quite annoying. Also, when this behavior happens, you can't select documents to bring to the front from the Window menu.
  4. When I use the Vectorscript editor included in Vectorworks it often freezes, and won't allow any more input until I exit it and then reopen it. Does anyone else have this problem?Is there anyway to fix it? I'm using OS X which might be part of the problem, but I'm not sure.
  5. Very interesting and informative! Here's my problem. I am building several drawing tools (labels, section markers and the like) which I want to have the behavior of PIOs (i.e. linear labels, rectangular detail markers). If I build them as tools, then they are just a group of objects or, at best, a symbol, which to my understanding then can't be edited like a PIO (i.e. editable text fields and such). Therefore it seems that I am searching for a way to get the layer information from inside the PIO, much like you can get the rotation info. Perhaps there is no way to do this, but it sure would be nice. Perhaps an addition in VW10 to the PIO "Object Properties" dialog, that asks for the "Default Layer" as well. Thanks again.
  6. I am trying to write PIO scripts which put everything that is created in the script onto a certain layer, and then revert back to the orginal layer. The "Layer" command just makes a new layer but doesn't create the objects following it on that layer. I thought that was what this command was for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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