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  1. @Jim Wilson, thanks. Great points, @GeoWH. I don't think this requires significant UI changes, though you could take that route. But if you don't want to make significant UI changes, I think that it is possible to make customizable palettes or offer a beta UI experience or offer popup context menus. The Foundry has been working through workflow and UI upgrades for MODO, and I think they have handled the entire process of developing, introducing, testing, and getting feedback very well. They've engaged the users, gotten buy-in, made it an open process, and cultivated user fans. McNeel, too, developers of Rhino, also did a great job with developing the gumball and making it an overall good experience with the community.
  2. I agree @mjm and @milezee that the gumball is also very useful. Between the gumball, about a dozen or so shortcut keys, and the right-click context menu, I almost never have to go to the perimeters of the screen when I'm speed modeling. One of the nice things about how the rhino palette customization works is that it is all just drag and drop. You can create a new palette, drag and drop any tool icon onto it, save it once configured, and then assign it to the pop-up context menu. It is simple and quick and easily reconfigurable.
  3. Hi Jim (or to whom it may concern), Is there any intention to improve the ability to speed model with Vectorworks? It seems that the vectorworks 3d modeling tools and workflows are pretty good and pretty comprehensive, but could be much more optimized for speed modeling than they currently are. Alternatively, has anyone come up with really useful shortcut key arrangements and/or UI customizations to improve the speed of speed modeling in Vectorworks? For reference, I modified the right-click menu in rhino to have sets of tool palettes in the right-click menu, and it lets me model very fast in rhino. I have customized my vectorworks object context menu and am trying to get as fast in vectorworks as i am in rhino but it is difficult to do so at the moment. The functioning of the tools forces me to move the mouse away from the objects on which i'm working in order to select modes or settings. Can these settings be built into the dynamic tool tip so that if, for instance, I right-click on the push-pull tool in my object context menu, then the dynamic tool tip autopopulates with the icons to select which of the three push-pull modes I want to use? This would keep me from having to move my cursor up to the top of the viewport and it would allow me to stay in more of a very fast flow of modeling.
  4. This is a great point. Can you allow users to make their own classification categories (in lieu of high/medium/low) so that per symbol we can choose to turn on and off different representations of assets individually? Extending further, could you then allow us to keyframe animate this, so that, for instance, we could have an asset in a space and demonstrate build out sequencing? I suppose that the idea to allow this to be used for animation comes from MODO. In MODO, all channels are animatable. This is very useful. Come to think of it, if you added a transparency option to symbols as well that could also be set per representation and animated, it would allow for things like making an animation of a space wherein an overview of the space is presented and then assets are faded in or out or emphasized or deemphasized as the animation progresses, but in a quick and dirty and quick way without having to export and go to Cinema 4D, or MODO, etc. This could be quite useful.
  5. Another example is, if designing a warehouse with high rack storage and an automatic sprinkler system and internal roof drainage system installed under the roof, then it is necessary to visually analyze and communicate how high the racks can be while allowing adequate clearance under the automatic sprinkler system piping and roof drainage system piping. If the warehouse roof has a long run in both directions, then the sprinkler piping and roof drain lines can drop quite a bit over the total run of the roof. It is useful to be able to look at a section cut to understand these spatial relationships without having all of the other piping in the foreground and background overlaid on top of it.
  6. This is very useful. Thank you. Please do implement the symbol section cuts feature. When modeling a commercial/industrial/laboratory space, it is important to show cuts through the equipment that is intersected when a building section or floor plan is generated. Having 2D views loaded up with 3D geometry can become heavy and slow to process. Having sections loaded up with wireframe views of equipment can make a visual mess. Often, if looking at a section or plan of a room with specific equipment in it, the value in showing the equipment is to understand clearance around it. So having a cut through the equipment affords visual analysis and keeps the drawings readable.
  7. Hi Ruiguo, I purchased a XP-Pen Star 06 in January. It works very well with Adobe CS, Xara, the Affinity programs, and Vectorworks. I do not have experience with the Deco 02.
  8. Charlotte, $2200 for the VWA 2018 license, and I will pay sales tax and escrow fee. $175 for Bluebeam revu standard. please let me know if you’d like to proceed. thanks, joe
  9. Hi All, I am selling a Vectorworks Architect 2018 license and a 2017 Bluebeam Revu license. I just dropped the asking price. Message me if you are interested. My asking price for the Vectorworks Architect 2018 license is $2200. This is a 25% discount off of the retail price of the software license. In addition, I will pay the sales tax and escrow fee out of the $2200. This is a total savings of around $900-$1000, or about 30% off of the full retail price to buy the license new. My asking price for the 2017 Bluebeam Revu Standard license is $175. This is a 50% discount off of the retail price of the software license. In addition, you get the maintenance service for no additional charge til April. If you're interested in purchasing either of these software applications, please respond to this posting or contact me through linkedin. Love Vectorworks Architect. Great tool. Hate to sell it. But my priorities have recently shifted. Please let me know if you have questions or comments. Best, Joe
  10. Hi Emma, Id like to sell a VWA 2018 license with VSS through May of 2018. Are you interested? Joe
  11. I deleted my reply. I don't want to get into sales taxes in two different countries.
  12. Check out this thread for more on alternatives for using aerial photos and satellite images to create meshes: https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/51710-working-with-lidar/
  13. Hi All, Has anyone paired vectorworks with projectwise for project information/document/sharing management? If yes, what has been your experience? or do you have experience integrating vectorworks with aconex, asite adoddle, newforma, Sharepoint, archdesk, selfie, or similar for project management/information management/collaboration? If yes, what has been your experience? and what about blue beam integration with these? I know that blue beam is integrated into projectwise and sharepoint. I've heard that vectorworks and blue beam are working on much tighter vectorworks/Bluebeam integration for the future. It seems that this could be a benefit when interacting with project management software that is also integrated with blue beam. thanks in advance, joe
  14. Does anyone have experience using box for model collaboration?
  15. Just learned of two sources for free LIDAR data: https://coast.noaa.gov/digitalcoast/ https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/


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