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    Rendering in Vectorworks

    Here are some cool tutorials !
  2. Hello, I'm searching a way to connect some 360°images. The idea is to open a 3D panorama and clicking on a link to another images etc. To navigate in the project. I think a need another external software to do this but wich one? Thanks!
  3. Jab_be

    Linking panorama 3D to each other

    Wonderfull! I can't wait to see that! :-)
  4. Hello Because the forum has already helped me a lot, I share today some textures and objects (rocks). I think it would be a good idea to create a category for good quality resources to share, as for marionette. Have a good day! Jab_be Scene rochers.zip
  5. Jab_be

    3D plants

    Hello, Maybe Xfrog? http://xfrog.com/category/libraries.html
  6. Hello, I never used subdivision tool. Now I think it's the best way to create an organic hedge.. The start shape is in the file attached. I would like to create a solid similar to the image below. It seems to be simple but I can't create this. Or Subdivision is not the best way?? And I'm not a beginner in VW... :-) Thanks for help! Help hedge.vwx
  7. Jab_be

    Help for my first subdivision !

    Magic! I didn't noticed differents iterations on OIP between both copies. I'ts so simple! Thanks!
  8. Jab_be

    Help for my first subdivision !

    Cool! You gave me the start point I wanted! Now I understand. To be sure : For the second form, more organic, did you started from a sphere Subdivion primitive ? Thank you!
  9. Jab_be

    XFrog Tree import size

    Hello, It's my problem too : realistic plants! Image props are good only for background. VB visual plants are good but there are not enough species. As a landscape designer I need specific species, that's why i use some Xfrog or Evermotion plants. When i import .obj file from Xfrog or Evermotion, I adjust the smoothing of the mesh. It decrease the file size at 50% or more sometimes. Of course some branch are not so beautiful but it's good enough for un beautiful scene. You can use the command "Simplify mesh" after import. It's the same result. Look at my image : all plant exept the Acer (red ones) are Xfrog plants. Smoothing mesch at 50°.
  10. Jab_be

    Extrude text?

    Hello, Does the node "extrude text" exist? Simple question for great effect possible ? 🕵️‍♀️
  11. Jab_be

    Extrude text?

    Perfect ! Thanks!!
  12. Jab_be

    See Appendix?

    Hello, I often see on node description "See appendix for information". What is "appendix" exactly? Thanks!
  13. Jab_be

    See Appendix?

    Okay... At the top of forum page. I've never seen the link before. http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix
  14. Jab_be

    Create Site Model from Mesh

    Very usefull! Thank you very much!
  15. Cool! Is it possible to attach the final file? Tkanks!
  16. Hello, What do you think to participe to a test of rendering time between different sort of computer? In attachement there is a file (VW2017) with a simple 3D polygon with grass texture and a tree (VBVisual). An heliodon to light the scene. The test : rendering the viewport without changing anything! =>> Open the file and update the viewport, ONLY. Reply to this message and note the total rendering time, OS, VW version, CPU, Memory. And copy/paste or attach a pdf with the result. I have to change my PC and i'm wondering wich would be the better speed/price :-) I'm curious.. Nico Test_renderworks.zip
  17. Jab_be

    Random Rotation

    be careful that each selected objet will rotate! Even objets on another layer ! It gave me some surprises.. :-)
  18. Hello, I would like to create Renderworks texture automaticaly from images (png) located in a folder on my disk. Is it possible? I've search in the forum, i've found some post about it, but nothing works well, probably because the problem is not the same... Is there a king of scripting who could create it for me? Jab
  19. Jab_be

    Automatic creation of texture from image

    Hello, Thanls for your interest ! 95% of the problem is resolved but there's still a problem : the transparency of the texture. In fact, images are all plants like the one in attachement (in original size), they all have an alpha channel wich is the transparency. Procedure : I transform all .tiff images into .png images with external software (ABIC) This is not a problem because it's only one time and automatic Then I run the scripts from DomC, see the post : After that I "Import arroway textures", from the menu command standard in VW. But..; the transparency isn't the alpha Channel... FL53_Billboard_03.tif
  20. Faster but I have to do a test to know exactly. But i Need Grasses, a garden without grasses is not a garden :-) Or I've to play with grass symbol instead of textures but it increase dramaticaly the file size, and the comfort in navigation...
  21. Hello, Today, I've just begin the test of Lumion3D. In general I hate new software because I've to learn everything from scratch, too much time not enough hours in one day.. But, after 2 hours I've created som rendering image in very short time. Lumion is very intuitive. I export to collada et import it with plants, textures in Lumion, and I adapt very easily what I want, for example grass and leaves. When rendering time is about 1 hour in RW, the same scene, with more détails (fog, ray light, sun light and other param) takes about 30second in Lumion. Renderworks is a good software but in term of time, it's prehistoric... With Renderworks : 1hours and 30 minutes (If i add a spot and Fog, rendering time is about 4Hours...): Test with Lumion, Rendering time 30seconds.
  22. Wow, it's seems cool too, I'll try this with the same file to test.
  23. Yes windows only I think. I've taking a look to Keyshot, it seems less oriented "nature". As a landscape architect, I absolutely need realistic nature materials.
  24. Jab_be

    Need advies about rendering garden

    Ok, ii's a goog Idea, I'll try This. There are so much parameters to keep in mind..
  25. Hello, I need advies about the rendering in attachement.. I think there is a problem with light, the image is unatural but i can't explain why.. Or I've to accept the limit of Renderworks? Of course i can increase the definition (here at 150dpi), the grass wil be mor fine but it increase the rendering time and I think it's not nessary. Look at the print screen for parameters of lights, in the scene I only have an Heliodon, nothing else : The discussion is open :-)


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