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  1. You're correct. I meant to say "GetObjectVariableReal". The Annotated Function Reference says: Where do I find the "Additional Resources of VS Reference"? Are the Object Variables listed there, and is that what is meant by Object property index?
  2. I appreciate the help. Thanks. As it happens, I need to increase the radius of all circles by 2 mm, regardless of their size, so I'm not sure I can use the Scale function for this. A Scale function probably doesn't have an option for specific mm increase. I can't say for sure, however, because I can't locate any documentation on Scale. Where did you find that? The second alternative could work---but I don't like it. Entity names and stacking order aren't the problem. These circles have all manner of different attributes, so re-creating them would be a lot more work (I think) than just creating a new default circle. I'd like to find a way to edit the radius of the existing circles, if possible. (I don't think density enters into the matter.)
  3. I've just started poking around with scripts, and I'm trying to do something I thought would be pretty simple: create a script to increase the radius of all selected circles. The script correctly loops through all arc/circle objects (GetType(h)=6) and I can have it display the radius using HWidth(h)/2 and add the user's input change value, add them and display the correct new value to set --- I just can't find any way to set the radius. HWidth does provide a correct value, but it's read-only. It looked like there might be a specific Set function for radius, but I don't see one. I tried GetObjectAttributeReal -- but it asks for a property index. I don't know what to enter, and I can't find any listing anywhere. I don't really think the radius is an attribute anyway. It's part of the object info palette, not the attributes palette. (I even tried looping through index 0 to 10000, setting the script to stop when it found a match for the current radius. No luck.) I've been searching for two days, and my emoticon accurately describes my current emotional state. Anyone? (And where can I find the object property index listing?)
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