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  1. sounds plausible. unfortunately i don't have the access to the new machine for a few days. yeah, they are under control. thanks for all tips, i'll check them soon. rob
  2. well, the older machine is a spring 2008 hardware with a geforce 8600m gt graphic card, the newer one is an autumn 2010 built with an nvidia geforce 320m which should be an improvement... rob
  3. so i don't get it: exact the same file on macosx 10.6.6 generates while creating a solar animation an error: 'create movie file failed' and on a similar machine running a macosx 10.5.8 the same vw version renders the animation without any troubles. i can't post the file here due to its size (over 100mb), does anybody know any reason for such disfunction? thanks in advance, rob
  4. the same here. the text change (from the main menu) doesn't work, and the label remains too big. is it a bug, a feature or my ignorance? rob
  5. i've checked the ifc documentation about the ramp objects. as i understand correctly the ifcramp is the container for all aggregated elements: instances of ifcrampflight and ifcslab (with the type 'landing'). if it is so, the ramp should be divided into all composing parts. the trouble lies here in the ifcrelaggregates relationships. or is it not necessary and the sole ifcramp instance suffices? does anybody know? the main reason of my question is the decision if the ramp object should be set as a ifcramp or ifcrampflight (the only two possibilities). thanks. rob
  6. hmm, it seems to be the easiest workaround. thanks rob
  7. i've tried to draw the missing triangular parts in the front view, then extruding to the whole ramp width, so i'm aware of the possibility. it's even possible to have the volume to it, too. my only concern here is the ifc export. do i have to assign the ifc-ramp class (or how is it called) to the volume manually or is there any trick to have it exported with the whole pack automatically? thanks for feedback, michael. rob
  8. i've checked the forum and it seems it ought to try something else instead: a roof face. rob
  9. referring to the undos, check the: vectorworks>preferences>session tab>undo view change options. maybe one of them could help ('never'?). rob
  10. and you're right again. i owe you. rob
  11. cool, michael, you saved my day. the trick rounds the number to the whole square meters, but i saw here the workaround. thanks a lot rob
  12. so, the inserting floor by floor works with appending the new records to an existing worksheet (before applying click on the 'options' button down left in the tools>reports>create report dialog). but some other trouble emerged (apparently it's not my day): the area field lists areas with 'sq m' after the area figure, although it should be a decimal number in 'format cells' dialog. the result is a simple addition of the record entries (for my ground floor the areas sum is the number of rooms = 45). as the fields are not particular database fields and only managed by vectorworks instance in the space object info, i can't set the field format otherwise as in the 'format fields' of the worksheet table. is there a way to have the fields as real area numbers' format? please help. thanks. rob
  13. michael, thanks for your input. it makes sense. i'll report the results, someone else may be interested, too. rob
  14. as i have a similar trouble, i append here my question: i've created an areas record based on the space tool. there are many flats with rooms in my project, so i wind up with some 260 rows, but they are not numbered with ascending values. the values refer to one number, i.e. they go 2.1, 2.2 through 2.260. there is no way to insert a row with partial sums or flat descriptions, everything appends either before my listing, or after it. the whole 2.* row behaves as a one entity. is there a way to split this record entry? thanks. rob
  15. ok, i've found this one: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=131020&Searchpage=4&Main=26717&Words=visibility+items+above&Search=true#Post131020 seems to work, although it's a bit clumsy workaround. rob
  16. anything new on this matter recently? the top floor still doesn't show the stair. i initially thought about the lacking visibility depth in the floor plans (especially the topmost one), but i can't either find out how to set it at all. i'm a bit lost here... thanks in advance for any clue.
  17. hi, i've just started to construct my first ramp in vw. i'ts a residential house with two garage storeys. the lower ramp has three sections: the first 4 meters with a 10% rise, then the main part with a 20% rise and to the end the third, 4-meter part with a 10% rise again. i've set the parts to the real z-axis values (i.e. the second part starts on the height where the first one winds up) and the result is seen on the section. my questions, as i find the ramps non-editable: 1. how can i connect the parts to have then with constant thickness all the way up? 2. how can i trim the last part on the top to have it ending along the navy blue line, not just as a square, as it is now? floor plan -2.pdf section.pdf thanks in advance. bye, rob
  18. chris, thanks for your input. my potential investor doesn't know much about BIM, so he doesn't care about the software which will eventually be vw (i have to implement the v2010, as the building is an old one with varying wall thickness) which i own. currently i study the ifc import and export manuals, and it should be ok from my part (architecture), but my biggest concern is the possible incompatibility during the branches ifc exchanges (hvac & mep). as for the structural it won't be much of slabs restoration, so i could even convert the structual engineer's supporting profiles into 3d model by myself manually. thanks again, rob
  19. very unlikely. i can't imagine an investor wanting to pay more for what he could get in an old standard way of doing things in the building industry. nobody wants to risk the old known flaws for future imaginary gains. right now my future investor asks 'what's a BIM?' i have a long way to go... rob
  20. hi, i intend to implement the full BIM with a virtual 3d model and IFC input/output from MEP, HVAC and/or structural branches in my new project (a restoration of an old industrial edifice in central europe into a company hq, some 1,000 msq.). i will do as much BIM as it's possible, but i don't have much practice in that field. i'd like to know if there is anybody with such an experience to mutually exchange bits of working knowledge? thanks in advance, rob
  21. it's just what i did. thanks for the hint, anyway. cheers, rob
  22. thanks mike, i've scrutinized what you suggested and it seems i changed the settings, but i didn't override the global wall preferences. i've found the right 'edit wall attributes' button under 'wall preferences' dialog, changed the fills, and now the walls appear solid in the renders as it was meant to be. thanks again. cheers, rob
  23. hi guys, i'm pretty new to vw, switched from archicad a few months ago. i try to get accustomed to the new interface, but some troubles still come around. i just created new component walls (metric ones, as i reside in central eurpoe), put doors and windows into them, but the walls have no body: they appear wireframed in renderings. i enclose a screenshot of the project file with properties palette. thanks in advance for your help. cheers, rob
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