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  1. Hey folks, solved the problem. First problem is that this issue occurred on my tenth straight hour in front of the computer. On the non-human side of the equation, apparently my hatch files got corrupted. This wasn't apparent at first as the hatches would insert correctly, then if I attempted to scroll or zoom, VW crashed. To solve the problem, I deleted all the hatch patterns from the model's resource browser and then imported them back in from the source file. All is well. For now.
  2. Not sure what the heck is going on. When working on an elevation VP, I made a polygon and filled it with a cultured stone hatch pattern from Katpat. If I move around the drawing, VW crashes. Never had this happen before. Any Ideas? Thanks
  3. When I started with VW several years ago, I couldn't find an electrical library either. So, I simply created all the electrical symbols that I use. They are simple and the process was quick.
  4. Whew, I figured it out. I went into document setup and changed the drawing units to inches, then changed it back to feet and inches. Only lost an hour or so on this. But I did gain a couple more grey hairs.
  5. Not sure what the heck I did, but all of my dimensions are displaying inches only. Instead of showing 5'-6" it shows 56". The dash and the ' are missing. This only occurs on my current project. Older files of the same project are displaying the dimensions correctly. Tried changing the dimension standard and even importing a dimension standard to no avail. And of course, I am working on a deadline. Arrrrrgh.
  6. Guys, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the answer is what I expected. Do I smell a feature request?
  7. I would like to be able to open a second drawing window on my second monitor. I have a model that houses all of my detail drawings and I copy/past the individual detail into my current project. It is a real pain to have the two windows open on the main screen. Thanks
  8. Tim, Thanks for the reply. I can't seem to remove the arrows on a whole roof, while I can on a roof face. VW Architect 2014
  9. Hello all, Hope I'm not the only person who does this. When creating a polygon to make a roof, I sometimes don't notice that the arrow is turned on in the attributes window and the arrows don't show up on a closed polygon. However, when a roof is created from the polygon, the arrows appear on every corner of the roof. I cannot figure out how to remove the arrows without deleting and recreating the roof. A real pain, especially if you have modified the roof several times after creation. Hopefully, one of you will give me a solution that will make me saym "Well Duh"
  10. An easy way would be to create a special class and assign the wall to that class then in the Navigation Window, select "active only".
  11. I am going to have a new computer (windows) built in the next couple of months. Looking at an I7 processor, a graphics card that will handle 3-4 monitors, 24gigs of RAM, a SSD for VW to live on, a RAID HD setup, etc. Has anyone moved from an I5 to an I7 processor? If so, did you notice an improvement in performance?
  12. Hello, I had a nice collection of architect fonts. Before my hard drive crashed. Carbonite is slooowly recovering my files, but I have low confidence that my fonts were backed up. Does anyone know where some good architect style fonts (that show up properly in VW) can be had? I've searched online for fonts and the many of the web sites are blocked by my anti-virus program, or, they do not show up or print properly in VW. Thanks in advance, Mike
  13. Zoomer, Thanks for the suggestion, however, I was unable to find where to change the settings for roofs and for framing. Mike
  14. Hello folks, I hope someone out there knows how to set default settings for roofs and for framing. It is frustrating to have to reset the roof parameters every time I create a roof. For example, the eve profile default to double, I almost always use vertical. Why does the bearing height almost always default to something other than 0? For framing, I would like VW to default to certain settings. For example: 1. The elevation to top of joists is rarely the same. I would like it to default to - 3/4", same with the perimeter framing members. 2. The joist properties, 2D display defaults to centerline. I would like it to default to width. If there is a way so set these and other settings, I cannot find it. Anyone? Thanks
  15. Does anyone know of a source for Simpson hanger symbols. Vector Depot has a library but it is several years old. I called Simpson, and they directed me to their website where I can download drawings for individual products. It is much easier to have a library of all their products available in the resource browser. Thanks in advance.
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