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  1. Well, I've extruded the 2D poly. Then used Extract on the top surface to create a 3D NURBS surface. Now i just need to figure out how to move the vertices to the right Z-space points along the edges by tweaking the U and V values. Wish me luck. And yes it does render! Thanks M and B! rodney rodney in Denmark 17" MacBook Pro, 2.66Ghz i7, 8 GB Nvidia GForce GT 330M Mac OS 10.6.6 VW 2011 SP2, Architect + Renderworks
  2. Oh, sorry....I should have added that i'm working in VW 2011 for Mac. thx
  3. hi folks, I'm trying to model in 3D. I'm used to using 3D polys or solids, but I'd like to explore using NURBS curves as they seem to have some advantages with regard to ease of editing, etc. (for example a 3D ploy has many more vertices to edit...i.e....TOO many, when i want to create an inclined plane with a curved edge, and a NURBS curve seems much easier to use for such things). However, when i convert a 2D poly to a NURBS curve, the object info palette doesn't give me render options, and seems to treat the curve as just a wireframe. I can't find anything about this in the blog here or via the Vectorworks knowledgebase. Any hints on how to create NURBS curves that can be textured/rendered will be appreciated. Thanks! rodney
  4. I'm using VW Architect 2010. Intel Mac. The rows in my door schedule begin with the door number. These are displaying out of order. Is there a simple way to get them to "stack" in numerical order? Note that i can successfully "grab" columns and move them, but (though i get the same hand curser and ghost image of the row being moved when i attempt to move a row) nothing moves when i release the mouse when i try this on rows. They seem to be locked, i.e. refuse to be dragged into any other order. Are the rows all locked? Is this a setting somewhere? Thanks in advance.
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