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  1. I wish there is an option to "Open" the Saved Palette Position just like looking at Saved views. Thanks
  2. Thank you Ray. I will do this. I wish there is an option to "Open Saved Palette Position" just like looking at Saved views.
  3. Aloha, I am wondering if anyone know how do I retrieve the saved palettes' position? I had all the palettes arranged they way I wanted on my large display. Then I saved it (menus>windows>save palette position). Each time I disconnect from my large display and work on the my MacBook the palettes rearrange themselves on the smaller screen?nice. However, when I reconnect to my large display all the palettes position and the window size remains as they were on the MacBook 15" screen. I don't see any option to retrieve the one I had previously saved when I worked with the larger display. Searched the VW help and this forum... Thanks.
  4. It also helps to have multi core processors when you run more than one application program.
  5. I second Islandmon. VW is fairly easy to learn specially when you've had spent 15 years in CAD environment. I am not even a trained architect...btw
  6. If you have simple application similar to Preview for Mac in your Windows, you could save it as JPEG and run the command again. This is assuming the image is clean. I noticed if it is a grayscale this command don't do well. Again it has to be a simple, clear and clean lines or else you'll be wasting a lot of time.
  7. Did you try the Modify>"Trace Bitmap" option in VW? For something simple this works.
  8. Pat: I have it setup in my VW pref.?command + arrow key. However, I just learned by accident a short while ago that: 1. Command + up or down arrow allows one to switch the active design layer 2. Command + left or right arrow allows one to switch the active class.
  9. Aloha, Is there a special trick to switch the active class with key command? I have my preferences set to use "command + arrow" keys to switch the active layer/class. The key command only works for layers but not for classes... I have all classes visible. Searched the forum didn't see any post from the past. Any idea why? Thanks in advance!
  10. Peter, thank you for iMac testimony. I am planning to upgrade to a iMac myself?in a few months?mainly for speed and desktop space.
  11. I had similar problem once. Can't recall how I fixed it. You may want to reboot your VW and your Mac. HTH
  12. Aloha Peter, I am aware of this feature?which allows the user to turn what is visible on and off. What I am trying to do is to move them around. Just like we would do to any tools that appears on all the Mac apps. using the "Customize" option. For an example, I would like the "Next view" and "Previous view" to be moved to the right corner of the VW window instead of far left?the default position. Perhaps this is a wish list item... Mahalo!
  13. Aloha, Is it possible to customize the View Bar in VW2010? I didn't see any option to move things around. Thank you.
  14. Thank you Alexandra?for your acknowledgment of the issues and explanations.
  15. Top 10 search results for "reference" search was "preferences"...something is seriously wrong. FWIW, manual can be printed on recycled paper too.
  16. Thanks Jonathan! It only updates automatically when you close and reopened VW file again. Is there anyway to update it?like we would update viewports?
  17. Aloha, I am wondering if there is a way to update imported images (jpg or tif format) file in VW without reimporting it again to reflect the changes in the original image? Mahalo!
  18. Actually, I wanted NNA to confirm the validity of the statement. I am planing to buy an iMac instead of MacPro. One of the factor that contributed to the decision is graphic card. MacPro?I have an option of installing card of my choice, however with iMac I am stuck with what Apple ships. It is about $500 savings and you get 27" display with it! As you can see?in this thread?conclusion was VW don't take advantage of the graphic card for most of its usage...until your post. M5d, thank you for reviving the thread with new information.
  19. I wonder if one of the tech. person at NNA can confirm this for all of us...
  20. As some of old timers in this forum would say, "It would make it easier to help if you would create a signature with your version of Vectorworks including updates and computer specs including OS. Click on the My Stuff link at the top, Edit Profile."
  21. Your opinion counts in my book Ray! Now 1GB sounds like good idea. Thanks Brudgers...but many of just love our Mac so much and going to PC's is just unthinkable. Btw, you can't be too old for a Mac...
  22. Ray, the screen refresh is an important feature that impacts many of us. Are you suggesting that high powered card will make a difference? If yes, where do you draw the line without it being an overkill? Will the cards shipped by Apple serve the need? Thanks


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