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  1. All layers are in 1/4" scale. I just double-checked...
  2. Some of the items were copied and pasted from documents created in an older version of Vectorworks, if that makes a difference. When I create new documents from scratch, this problem does not appear.
  3. Hi, I'm using VW 2009 with Mac OS X.5.8. I have a document with 3 layers and I want to modify all layers together -- therefore I set the layers option to show/snap/modify others. problem is that I still cannot select items on the other layers. I made sure that the class options were also set to show/snap/modify others, and that the layers are aligned (all in front view). For some reason, when I switch all of the layers to top/plan view, it works. What am I doing wrong, or is it a bug? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I worked on a project all night last night, saving continuously (as I habitually do). This morning I opened the file and a very early version of the file appeared, with the last several hours of work missing. Strange thing is that when I single click on the file in the finder (Mac OS X.5), the preview shows all of the missing work. However, when I open the file, it's nowhere to be found. Aaaaaaarrrrgh! Please help! Thanks, -David
  5. Thanks for the tip. If I understand that correctly, it'll help me to flatten the planes of the finished model in VW. Problem is, I really need a hint as to an easy way to create the 3-d model of the wall in VW. Is there a way to draw a flat surface, create vertices or points within the center of that flat surface and then "pull" points up or "push" points down in order to create the angular look from my preliminary model (see link above)? If so, it'd be easier to make changes as needed. I think this can be done with nurbs(?) but I haven't worked with them and they seem to form curves rather than the angles I want. Sorry for stupid questions, but I haven't done anything like this before. . .
  6. Thanks for the reply. The shop will most likely weld a frame and then attach pre-cut panels to it. Not every panel is triangular, and a few panels need to fit over a couple of stairs, so it needs to be a very close fit.
  7. Hello, I'm working on a design and having trouble figuring out the best way to model a wall in VW that has many angles and planes which all have to join perfectly. Here is a link to a photo of the wall on the preliminary model I made: http://davidminkoff.com/currentprojects/pic1a.jpg I was going to draw each section as a polygon, extrude it to about 1/4" and then try and move the corners in each dimension as needed, joining each extruded polygon along the seams. I'm certain there must be an easier way. Or is there? I'd also like to be able to constrain each polygon to be cut from a 4' by 8' sheet of stock. Here's part 2 of my question: after getting this modeled in VW, I'd like to flatten out each adjoining section of the wall again so that we can get accurate measurements for each shape to use as construction drawings. I saw that some folks mentioned FormZ and one or two other pieces of expensive software that I cannot really afford right now. My project has no curves, so can I simply do it all in VW? Thanks!!
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