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  1. Jim, Could you send me a file? Thanks. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  2. Sure, send me the file. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  3. Could you explain a little more what you mean by "a ghost image of that old class appears on the "none" class" Thanks, ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  4. Donald, In VW, classes and many other named objects share the same namespace. So if you have a script in a document named "Test", you cannot add a class named "Test" to that document. If you copy an object from another document which belongs to the "Test" class, you will get the dialog you saw. There is no test class in the destination document, and it cannot make a "Test" class, because there is another object with that name. I examined the document you sent us. There is a group with a name of "None" and another group with a name of "Dimension". These groups are both on layer 4.1/4, on the South Elevation. They are the two window groups on the second floor. If you select one of these groups and click on the data pane on the OI palette, you will see its name. That is why you are getting the dialog asking you to rename the "None" class when you paste an object from another document that was in the "None" class. If you want to restore your document so the default class is named "None" and the class dimensions are assigned to is "Dimension", you can change the names of the groups named "None" and "Dimension", then you can go to the classes dialog and rename "None-0" to "None" and "Dimension-0" to "Dimension". ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  5. et, I assume you were using one of the new options, show others or show/snap others. I tried this with show/snap others. With the 2D selection tool in lasso mode, I was able to select objects that weren't in the active class, which is a bug. But you said you were able to select gray objects. I didn't see that. Thanks for the report, ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  6. I have not heard of this problem. Please send me a testfile and a detailed explanation of how to get this crash to occur. Thanks, ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  7. Export Metafile is Windows only. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  8. Export Metafile should be in the Export submenu, which is under the File menu. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  9. Sorry Michael, we don't provide away for you to darken the "gray" color. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  10. Yes paste in place from one drawing to another has problems if the user origin has been changed. We expect that this will be fixed in VW 9.0.1. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  11. Bobbyv33, I can respond to most of the issues you raised. You said: "I can't dimension an arc. The only way I can do it is to draw the complete circle, dimension it and then delete it." We expect this to be fixed for VW 9.0.1. You said: "When I try to dimension using any part of a circle, (top left side etc.) it always snaps to the center." We expect this to be fixed for VW 9.0.1. You said, "When I copy from one drawing to the other, dimensions always go to the wrong class." We expect this to be fixed for VW 9.0.1. You said, "The center mark tool, even though it is drawn in the right class, has the wrong attributes (line weight and color)" I looked at this, and it seemed to work for me. If you can duplicate this, then immediately after you place a center mark that is given the wrong attributes, please save the file and send a copy of it to me with an explanation of what you think is wrong. Thanks, ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  12. Heather or anyone else, If you see a crash when you move the handle on an associated dimension, could you please send me a copy of the file and describe what you did to get it to crash. Thanks, ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  13. jorges, Is the Object Info palette displayed? If it is displayed, which pane is selected, shape or data? If it displays, what does it show when the shape pane is selected and a rectangle is selected? Thanks, ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
  14. Heather, Sorry about the dimension being put into the None class. I am entering a bug report for this and expect it will be fixed for VW 9.0.1. ------------------ Bruce Ferguson bruce@nemetschek.net
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