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  1. I like the Station on Polyline tool under Roads. However, it only works w/ certain polylines. I would like the capability to station along a polygon. This would help civil engineers who must station a pipeline that has sharp bends that cannot be drawn w/ the polyline. Most stationing for this is shown like the road stationing is, using the 0+00, 1+00 etc., but no curve data is necessary. Anyway, being that you already have a more complex stationing tool for roads, I would think it wouldn't be too bad to design a simpler tool. I"ve ben rong befoor tho. et
  2. Changing the font WORKS. However the bold/italics still don't affect the callouts.
  3. I have tried this, which changed all the normal text blocks, but none of the callouts have been affected. After clicking on the callout, the Menu has a check beside bold, but the callout doesn't show up as bold on monitor or paper. Same result with Italics.
  4. Is there a way to change the style, to bold for instance, of callouts? I selected all that were in a specific text class, but none changed to bold.
  5. I can attest to prosado's points. When we switched from mostly macs to mostly pc's, we had to hire an IT Person full-time (not cheap). And as pointed out in his item 4), we pay thousands per year for liscensing. Our company size is <100 people with less than half having autocad or microstation Futhermore, I cringe at having to learn commands. I have not had any problems dealing with autocad files. They import properly almost all the time, and the few times I have problems, I have been able to fix them. I am not sure if it still applies, as it has been a while for me, but I would rather have classes named Contours or Woodsline than 54 or 32. Especially for someone new to my drawing. et
  6. It has happened before but is more of an annoyance than a problem. Unless the fix is obvious and easy, I wouldn't put much time in fixing it.
  7. I set up a centerline for a road and then stationed along polyline. Everything worked fine except it started the stationing at the wrong end of the polyline. Is there a way to force the command to start at the other end or do i need to redraw the polyline starting at the other end?
  8. Under site-vehicles, i have selected the tractor and both types of trailers to display on the turn path. They appeared small so i measured them and then compared them to the pickup truck. It shows the tractor to be < 6 1/2 feet wide and about the same size as a pickup truck. This dimension does not appear to be correct. Is everyone's tractor trailer this small? was it drawn to scale or is mine messed up? It also shows a trailer width about the same and a length of only about 31' is that correct?
  9. I thought i had, but maybe i misunderstood. Was i to create the solids and move the solid that is to be subtracted in and out? "Exiting out" - quitting the program? please clarify if possible.
  10. I found Convert to Generic Solids under a "stock" workspace and tried it, but it didn't work. the subtraction still added. I then tried moving the void-solid up and down through the solid that stays, and it still added it.
  11. Katie, I am having trouble locating "general solids" under the Model Menu or any other. Do you mean convert to 3dPolys or Nurbs or am i missing a plug in?
  12. I have a multiple extrude in which I want to cut a block out of. I created the block, selected both objects, and subtracted solids. However, it added solids solids so that the multiple extrude had the block protruding from it, although the object info pallete identifies it as a solid subtraction. I tried subtracting an even larger block from the solid subtraction, but it also added the larger block. I had this type problem before while trying to cut a sweep, and reported it a few months ago. A friend suggested adding solids to see if the reverse would happen, and i tried it for kicks. IT WORKED! The object has the hole i originally wanted. The object info pallete calls the object a solid addition. If anyone else has this subtraction problem, don't rule out using add solids as a work around. et
  13. The file is in wireframe, so it should not be rendering. We have tried hitting escape but the color wheel continues to spin. When opening the file the screen is completely white and the toolbar grayed, but when the date and time menu is opened in the upper right corner (Mac) and then closed it reveals the "Verifying file" progress bar, which seems to be stuck. This leads us to believe that the file is getting to the point of almost opening but something is holding it back.
  14. We have a file created in VW10 OSX. The file is 9.5 Megs and contains no images, only data. This file has several months of work in it, but will no longer open. Vectorworks brings up the outline of an open file, and then the rainbow colored clock continues to spin indefinetly. The file never opens completely. It does this on two different computers, one a dual 1gHz. Is there any way to at least salvage the symbol library inside of this file?
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