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Planning/Mapping Carpet Tiled Floors

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1 hour ago, Kevin Allen said:

I've done this type of thing on a smaller scale, but painstakingly manually.

@Kevin Allen yeh have been playing around, was hoping there was a nice efficient workflow that someone might know 🤔


did find this browsing around, not for carpet or woven tiles, more ceramic/hard flooring tiles, interesting plugin


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Guest Wes Gardner

@milezee, the upper image might just be a matter of a couple of thin slabs that represent the wood floor (pick a nice texture) and the carpeted area (pick/create a nice texture).  The lower image might be as Kevin has suggested or maybe play around with Marionette.  I'm pretty sure there aren't any out-of-the-box solutions.



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I'm afraid I'm somewhat of a marionette noob too however I think in your screenshot the tiles that haven't updated are the one's that have been trimmed. I think the marionette trims some symbols to fit into your polygon but these trimmed ones are turned into from symbols into groups so they won't update if you edit the symbol.


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It also occurred to me that instead of using this marionette you could also just create custom tile fill resources in the RM which is super easy and doesn’t require lots of classes etc. tile fills can be mapped and scaled with the attributes mapping tool so you could quickly generate a bunch 2d options. 

The advantages of the marionette is that you can also use data visualisation as well as extrude the geometry for 3D work. 
i think you can use worksheets to create a list of full tiles, cut tiles etc which is handy for costing and ordering  purposes.  

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The symbol geometry can’t overlap in the tile pattern. As I understand it one locus is at the origin the other two give the x and y displacement of the symbol pattern.

Note that the instructions suggest allowing for the tile gap when setting out locus points. This will help ensure there is no coincident symbols in the tile pattern.


Perhaps you should test your custom patterns as they suggest before running them in the marionette.

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