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Save-Recall-Memory 1.0.0

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Nodes that make it possible to transfer data without wires
(For instance if you want to use the info that was used 100 nodes back and your wires get too long)

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I like the wish of transporting dada without wires. I can see many issues with your approach and would not use that.

It maybe would be better to cache data on an external ressource or on the recall wrapper itself. You could name the recall wrapper an send data from the save wrapper to a record format which will be attached to the recall wrapper. 


I am working on a cache node, which cache everything that is running through a wire. That would be very good for caching data of a big network which need a long time to calculate and would speed up workflows.


You could save global variables as well, which would be the technicall solution for wireless data. But if you load a global variable before it was stored it could 





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Hi DomC,

I just thought it would be handy, but if there are problems with it, I won't use it.

I suppose this means that using the 'set name' and 'name' nodes in the same network can go wrong in other uses too.


Another case of the secret lives of nodes.. I wish there was a wiki where we could find these tips (or f.i. that 'move' doesn't work with groups, the use of 'get XYZ' with lists, ...). Maybe I'll start a topic to see if a wiki can be made.


Thanks for the comment,

Ernst van der Vecht.

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  • Marionette Maven


I just wanted to jump in and say the move mode DOES work with groups, you just need to supply it with a 3D input. I also have a bug submitted to have this fixed in a later build. 


I do like the idea of a wiki, we just need to find the time and resources to get it going. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Sending and receiving values from any node is a good idea and other node-based apps have it, too (screen shot from Origami). Any output should be able to be fed into a sender node and received anywhere for input. That would be a welcome new feature for Marionette.876665816_Bildschirmfoto2018-11-19um23_05_30.thumb.png.1f8fb07fb99e9ade3ff77566e2d1fcb7.png

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Funny way to transfer data without wires.

I think another way to wirelessly transfer data would be to put the polylines of the wires on an invisible class (or delete them).

However, I was not yet able to integrate this function into a script, because AFTER every execution and every movement of the node the geometry is recalculated. That means the conversion of the class remains irrelevant.

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