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    Why should I rename my viewports?


    Viewports are a very useful way to present your drawing in a visually-controlled manner. However, trying to locate the desired viewport in a document can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of viewports. To ease this navigational dilemma you can rename your viewports to something easily recognizable to you.


    When a viewport is created, a default name of "Viewport 1" is assigned to the viewport. While in the Create Viewport dialog box, you can give the viewport a more unique name. After a viewport has been created, you can rename it in the Object Info palette. To do this, select the viewport and click on the Data pane in the Object Info palette. The top text box reflects the viewport's name. Enter the custom viewport name over the text that displays.

    Here are some other places you can change the name of a viewport:


    1. Select Tools > Organization, and then click on the Viewports tab. Select the viewport and then click the Edit button.
    2. From the Navigation palette, click the Viewports tab. Right-click the viewport and select Edit.
    3. Right-click the viewport and select Properties. Click the Data pane in the Properties dialog box and change the name in the text box at the bottom.

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