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Sub Hanging Trusses

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Hello there!


I'm having some difficulty "subhanging" a truss in another truss and getting braceworks to work properly.


In the attached picture:


Grid number "1" is hanging a bit lower than grid "2" and I would like the upsupported side of this grid to hang in grid "2"(the red line). Preferebly with 2T hoists.


The problem I have is that the 2T hoist is getting attached the the house rigging point thats over grid "2". And I can't get it to attach to the grid.


Any tips?




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Dylan

The easiest way to do this is using the insert drop mode of the insert connection tool.
The tool preferences enable you to chose the hoist you wish to use for the drop.

A second option is the Braceworks menu Insert Drop command, which will insert multiple drops at the same time, it uses the insert connection tool preferences to control which hoist is inserted.



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