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PoE Info in Port

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Is it possible to attach power info to an RJ45 socket on a PoE Switch?  This could be useful for several reasons:


1. If a device needs power and is connected to a non PoE port, an error could be thrown in checks

2. If the device power draw is greater than supplied by the PoE port, an error could be thrown


Even fancier would be to add a checkbox to devices that are powered over PoE for 'Locally Powered' where it wouldn't throw such an error in checks.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Dear @Thomas_


You can attach any record to a socket or a device using the normal Vectorworks procedure. Please check the help for details about creating record formats and attaching to objects. You can also place additional text inside your socket and link it to the attached record fields to display the value. I think there's an artcile on this in the Did You Know section. Finally all this can be automated see Niko's video on the subject.





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Which video are you referring to for 'Nikko's Video'?


Ill take a look at using custom records for this, though I will say that if this can be more integrated it would be useful functionality in 'Check Drawings' as well.  This is becoming more and more common in the AV world as well as IT to have things PoE as more small devices are coming out that can be so would be useful in the future.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

One of my peeves at this forum is how hard it is to locate answers that are relevant to your question. Sorry about this but I have a pressing deadline and try as I might I can't find it right now. It is there but I haven't the time to search it out.

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