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model setup confusion


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we have just got v12 architect and are setting up using model setup for the first time, there are a few things about it that don't make sense.

we have a building with basement and 3 floors.

in the model setup i have set the ground floor elevation at zero, the first floor at the ff height above ground etc etc. i have entered the c value as floor to ceiling height and then put in the slab thickness. i then draw the walls for each floor plan, ticking the link wall height to layer z for each level, and add the floors into the slab layers.

the problem is that even though the default wall height in the model setup for each level is ticked as floor to floor, there are problems on the ground and basement in that the walls do not finish to the underside of the slab and there does not appear to be any setting to simply change this in the model setup. we resolved this on the basement level by setting the height at the walls -200 bz (slab thickness). we tried this on the ground level but it only moved the wall down resulting in the same problem on the first floor. suggestions would be appreciated

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Welcome to VW's. Your setup is correct, the problem requires more options in the MODEL SETUP WINDOW which may come out in future releases. The best solution is to go to the layer your wall is on in the ORGANIZATION WINDOW and set the Z value to the slab bottom which will lower your walls, however, your walls now need to have their height increased the same amount. Do this by increasing the DELTA Z value an equal amount. This will correct all the walls on the layer which are linked to the layer height immediately without having to edit them one at a time.

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thanks for the reply. i've given this a go but i then encountered issues with all of the internal walls, stairs, fittings etc for the ground design layer also starting at -200 and being embedded in the slab. considering that in this particular model i only have 4 external walls and far more internal it is actually easier for me to change the Z value for each external wall rather than the design layer - unless there is a better way??

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Sorry, I should have been more specific, it will also lower any doors & windows in the walls. Having to keep this in mind when placing objects may make it more trouble than it's worth. Another solution is to render the floor slab perimeter the same as the exterior wall, assuming that they coincide. I would, however, like to see VW's address this issue.

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