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Creating textures like in 2009

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Coming to VW 2022 from v2009,  I'm looking to create a new texture like you could way back then.  Is there another way to access the different ways of texture creation that v2009 had as shown below?  What happened to all those options?  I'm just trying to make a simple colored texture to mimic horizontal beveled siding, with the ability to adjust the spacing of the lines.


Screen shot 2022-04-27 at 8.11.17 AM.jpg

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Yes the 'Size' parameter is measured across two of the lines rather than one so you can either double the scale or set the size to 16" for 8" siding.


I'm not sure what the difference is between the 'Line 1' + 'Lines 2' patterns, they both look identical to me...


On the subject of horizontal bevelled siding there are some good textures available through the Files > Import > Import mtextur... link if you wanted to go down that route instead? Once imported they can of course be resized to get the planks the exact size you want depending on the size they come in at



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